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Eagle Speedmapping Sessions 8 - Memesis (BETA COMPILAT)

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Here is an update for my map. The changes are:


*added a birthday cake secret :)

*fixed non working monster teleport in the room with the second switch, along with adding more enemies, height variation, and scenery to the room itself

*added some shotgun ammo near the cave entrance

*changed the textures of the bars blocking the exit to something nicer looking

*changed the textures of the little waterfalls of the river from COMPBLUE to WFALL


That's all I had time for today, I will add a custom midi tomorrow.




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Version 2: noisy_eagless08_v2.zip


-Changed the sky to a better green sky from the mechadon pack (still breaks when you load cc4-tex, should work in final compilation but i'm not including the cc4 tex inside unless Naza wan'ts me to)

-Baby-proofed the map from a couple unlikely-but-still-possible inescapable pits.

-Removed a few archviles on HMP

-Made the red door work faster and smoother; a proper lockin trap now.

-Added a fresh midi from @Olroda's Runnin_D midi pack.

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Works pretty alright in ZDoom but in GLBoom it's black + that bronze window texture, or when I merged the two TEXTUREx lumps into one, AASHITTY. I'll look into it and try to fix it.


I've played through all the maps so order is established - tomorrow it's just teh compiling. Expect a release in 24 h from now.

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i think the custom sky problem arises here when loading resources from multiple wads, and I thought putting the sky in TEXTURE2 would solve it, but problem is still there.  i'm confident it will work in the final compilation though.


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Here is a small update to my map, I added a custom midi- the D_THE_DA track from Back to Saturn X episode 2 (not sure what the real name is, sorry)- but thats about it, it's basically the same map as v2. Though I still have time to make some quick fixes if someone finds any problems


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Crap I left the layers of the cake as secrets, and I can't change that right now either :/ oh well it would only take a few seconds to change so I can do it easily later today though naza probably already made the compilation (hopefully...) Any other thoughts on the map in general?

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I will fix that for ya, don't worry. 


Your map was better than the ones you made for Eagle 7 or Pigeon II, in that it wasn't as cheesable and short as E7, and it was easily maxable unlike P2. Ammo was a problem sometimes but creative thinking can save you. A nice improvement in the gameplay zone, but the level design is still very basic. 

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Yeah, I am still having some issues at (quickly) making good level architecture :( The reason why I chose a natural style level this time around is because I figured it would be a bit easier for me to do since the more abstract nature of outside and cave areas lends itself a bit better to quick design imo because you don't have to think quite as much about how each area fits together as long as they do (and as long as the way they connect isn't too annoying) and you don't have to worry about the overall shape of the area as much as long as it's not too orthogonal and "room" looking which is certainly not a problem in my case :) A relative lack of mapping experience doesn't exactly help my case here (the amount of maps I've even started initial work on is still in the single digits...) and another issue is that I often get bored with projects I start and start slowing down my work on them if not stop them completely. Which is one of the main reasons why I like speedmapping actually because working on things over long time periods isn't a concern unless I like the initial idea of the map that I made originally and want to make it better (like my eagle 7 map which I am remaking bigger and better and will hopefully enter it into nova 3 if ad79 or scotty86 or whoever is actually running it at this point will allow that, and if I complete it in time since apparently the space for hell themed maps is just about filled...)

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30 minutes ago, therektafire said:

Crap I left the layers of the cake as secrets, and I can't change that right now either :/ oh well it would only take a few seconds to change so I can do it easily later today though naza probably already made the compilation (hopefully...) Any other thoughts on the map in general?

1. Area with the SSG should lower in half the time it currently takes.

2. SSG should be moved up a bit so it's not possible for an arachnotron to squat on it when you are running to grab it.

3. Manc and two barons near the plasma rifle are basically doors with health. They don't do anything but block you and force you to fight the revs with the SSG instead of being able to run past them and get them with the BFG a bit later. 

4. While picking up the BFG in the secret, if the cyb fires it's impossible to avoid some splash damage as it shoots the cake.


Maximal fun would be being allowed to run past stuff. (Can skip stuff like the early HKs and mancs and come back when you have the secret BFG.) But as is there's a ~1 minute or so chunk where you are forced to fight a bunch of stuff with the SG while waiting for that high floor to lower, which is tedious. The layout is flowing and suitable for run-and-gun action but since a lot of design choices essentially force you to stay put and wait, the gameplay itself isn't. 


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Here is another update to my map taking into consideration @rdwpa's advice :) Here are the changes


*Brought the height of the wall blocking the first switch down from 1048 to 748 so now it lowers faster

*Put the SSG in front of the green armor instead of in front of the arachnotrons

*Set the mancubus and barons to ambush so that they don't block the door to the second switch room after you open it

*Made the cake room a little larger so now you can run all the way around it and it is a little harder for the cyberdemon to shoot you

*Changed the texture of the side of the cake to GRAYTAL2 so it looks like the "frosting" is on the side a little bit as well :)




Also here is a little sneak peek of the map I am working on for nova 3 which I mentioned earlier, in it's current state of progress




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13 minutes ago, NaZa said:

Alright, here's the compilation. Maybe there are some errors, but I doubt there'll be many. Here it is:



The titlepic says eagle 07. Anyways I'll be playing this tomorrow night at around 6-7 pm GMT on my livestream.

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9 minutes ago, Suitepee said:

The titlepic says eagle 07. Anyways I'll be playing this tomorrow night at around 6-7 pm GMT on my livestream.

Excellent catch! will update OP and file Eagles 08 - MEMESIS v2


Question: Could you please start the stream more around 7 PM than 6 PM? That way I'll be able to tune in right away, otherwise I'd be a bit late.

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Hopefully I will too, I've been trying to get into game dev on and off for a while (which might explain my interest in doom mapping somewhat :D) which has been taking up a bit of my time and around last month I just figured out about love2d which on top of being a nice full featured beginner friendly framework is also really accessible for development and testing since it uses scripting instead of precompiled code (but it uses just-in-time compilation to compile the scripts into native code at runtime instead of a vanilla interpreter meaning not much speed is lost), meaning you can test your game on any platform which has the runtime app available for it unlike most engines where you need a pc to develop and test on usually. So over the last couple of days I threw together a crappy but playable clicker game ( https://m.imgur.com/a/AflNC), which i am basically done with since I'm not going to release it so there isn't really anything left for me to add, it was basically just practice for bigger and hopefully better stuff in the future. But I will try to keep myself from working on stuff like that tomorrow and watch your stream instead :)

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Spie812's "FDA" Extravaganza!

actual FDAs are labeled accordingly


map01: Not really much of an FDA because I already played this one, but the map was changed a bit, so it is an FDA in a way.



map02: hmm, this map's pretty good 8)

Not an FDA by any stretch of the imagination for obvious reasons.



map03: This puts you in a much better position, ammo/weapon wise, than the earlier versions. I pretty much ran away from the cake room the moment I opened the door, so I missed out on the BFG.



map04: I really like this one. The level's pretty frantic, making for some interesting combat. The textures are cool and the architecture is awesome. Unfortunately did not find the BFG which would have made the ending a lot faster. Also, the first actual FDA in this set.

-skipsec 280 for successful attempt.



map05: Cool city map. A lot of attempts were spent near the beginning. I don't really know how many, but it was enough that I went "this is getting ridiculous" and restarted the recording. I eventually tried some different strategies and won.

-skipsec 78 for successful attempt



map06: Here we have a bzzrak map. It reminds me a lot of Downtown since contained in each building is a different gimmick. The FIREBLU building was my favorite, but I did not like the cyberdemon building since it is not clear at all how to escape. When trying to find the correct -skipsec for my FDA I ended up accidentally recording over it (oops). I did, however, rebeat the level.



map07: A small scale slaughtery map. The arch-vile swarm was probably the most difficult part, although plenty of runs were ended due to rocket launcher suicide in the first room. Eventually I just tried to make a go for it and that seemed to work okay.

-skipsec 175 for successful attempt



map08: This one looks really nice with the green and black theme. I liked most of the level, but didn't actually beat it due to the massive swarm of arch viles at the end. Maybe I'll try again sometime.



map09: This map is absolute chaos. There isn't much time to be spent standing still. Pretty exciting, overall. This one has an arch vile ending like the last map. I feel like it's a bit more fair than map08's, but I'd need to practice that part, which would take forever starting from the beginning every time. Like map08, I didn't finish this one (I'm including this run for completeness' sake), but I will create a "proper" demo sometime.

-skipsec 145 for final attempt


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Thanks for the demo @Spie812, also

1 hour ago, Spie812 said:

I pretty much ran away from the cake room the moment I opened the door, so I missed out on the BFG

Yeah it is a pretty spicy cake hehe

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1 hour ago, StormCatcher.77 said:

It was an extreme run. The maps from @antares031 and @Spie812 look great for maps made in such a short time. For some reason, this release got especially hardcore ...


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.2.0 (all maps)


Do I need GZDoom 3.2.0 to watch this ? Prboom gave me an unknown demo header 70 error.

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First attempt demo set for eagles08_v2


MAP01  DEAD  14/49  35  11/28  0/3  0:50+00  0:00
MAP01  EXIT  49/49  0   28/28  3/3  3:39+11  3:39

NeedHealth delivers another fine map with a nice loopy layout and height variation. Although I'm beginning to sense patterns emerging: this reminded me strongly of several of your previous maps. Maybe vary the style a bit?


One death from inattention, let's just call it a warm-up as it was the first map of the recording session :).


MAP02  EXIT  42/42  0  1/1  1/1  3:26+27  3:26

A small, fast map with a very clean-looking texture theme. Slightly annoying opening due to lack of ammo / forced pistol usage. The rest balanced just right.


MAP03  EXIT  51/51  0  0/0  1/1  6:37+06  6:37

therektafire's maps continue to improve. This one actually has ammo :). Now all I ask for is some actual light to see what I'm fighting! The tunnels are lengthy, and they wind and meander around. The low light level demands caution, making the map a slow drawn-out play.


It may be worth setting the monster blocking flag on the lines around the top of the cake so the cyberdemon can't be knocked off partially and immobilised. Also, please remove the annoying Eureka configuration (which causes error boxes to appear when I open the wad - my copy of cc4-tex is obviously not found under a DOS-style C:\blah\blah path) and pointless GL nodes.



MAP04  EXIT  82/82  0  2/2  1/1  8:46+29  8:46

Somehow I managed to survive the start dodging in and out of revenant rockets and whatever else for long enough to establish a safe zone. Then it became obvious I was being tooled up for a confrontation, which did not disappoint although it also quickly became obvious the confrontation could be mostly avoided by hanging back at the other side of the map and watching the cyberdemons blow things up for you.


A very visually noisy map. Contrastive textures going from dark to bright to dark again within the space of a few pixels, with everything seemingly glowing or flashing in some way, made it hard to pick out targets from the background. Plus, want to find a secret? Good luck, everything looks like it might be a door/trigger/etc. It does look very impressive, but detracts from gameplay somewhat.


MAP05  DEAD  7/45   38  0/2  0/1  0:51+31  0:00
MAP05  DEAD  6/45   39  0/2  0/1  0:44+03  0:00
MAP05  EXIT  47/45  0   2/2  1/1  9:35+30  9:35

The first thing I thought of was "Another day at the office". The second was "DOOMCITY.WAD without the colourful texturing" along with "ouch" and "where are the guns". I died twice early on basically because the start building is troublesome to exit with just a pistol. When I finally reached outside intact I just ran around hoping the monsters would kill each other before I ran out of health. Not sure why it took me so long to figure out how to get into the secret, nor why it was over 6 minutes into the successful third start before the bosses turned their attention to each other. Amusing ending.


MAP06  EXIT  60/60  0  3/3  1/1  10:16+30  10:16

This map is sloppy. The north central triangle is haphazard with angles that are easy to get caught on. Also, annoyingly there's no way out once the door shuts, so thanks for making me kill a baron and two mancubi with the pistol. Note the exit switch can be easily pressed from below, skipping most of the map (I recorded a speedrun afterwards). There is a missing texture by the 20% damage blood room (line 752).


MAP07  DEAD  78/92  14  1/1  0/0  1:37+05  0:00
MAP07  DEAD  47/92  45  0/1  0/0  1:01+25  0:00
MAP07  DEAD  31/92  61  0/1  0/0  0:30+15  0:00
MAP07  DEAD  13/92  79  0/1  0/0  0:20+18  0:00
MAP07  DEAD  82/92  21  1/1  0/0  1:46+07  0:00
MAP07  DEAD  45/92  47  0/1  0/0  1:09+25  0:00
MAP07  DEAD  39/92  53  0/1  0/0  1:00+16  0:00
MAP07  EXIT  93/92  0   1/1  0/0  2:56+27  2:56

Walter does slaughter. This might rhyme if you possess the appropriate regional accent; I do not. I nearly reached the end first time, but caught a stray rocket. I proceeded to die stupidly several times as frustration set in, but was eventually able to get control of the map and exit. Perhaps hanging back in the start room so the door doesn't open is exploitative, as it means you can get the cyberdemons to kill off half the revenants outside without them waking up. OTOH, six archviles at once. Save the megasphere.


MAP08  DEAD  2/96   94  0/11   0/2  0:21+31  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  7/96   89  0/11   0/2  0:22+00  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  8/96   88  0/11   0/2  0:24+08  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  19/96  77  0/11   0/2  0:25+11  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  74/96  25  2/11   1/2  4:21+15  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  24/96  72  0/11   0/2  0:31+30  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  37/96  59  0/11   0/2  1:27+07  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  34/96  62  0/11   0/2  1:35+14  0:00
MAP08  DEAD  78/96  23  10/11  2/2  6:21+14  0:00
MAP08  QUIT  79/96  22  10/11  2/2  6:25+23  0:00

Sorry I had to give up on this one. Too frustrating. Multiple chaingunner sniper towers, roaming archviles + other crowds, everything you touch releases more monsters (except bizarrely the red key, which appears to be completely safe). I barely survive the start. I once get as far as the berserk box + cake secret then stupidly try to go back to clean up the monsters I ran past, and get punched. A few more deaths later I think I cleared half the map or so, then entered the red key building. Pitch black, multiple archviles, insufficient cover for my sloth-like reaction times. I was too annoyed to keep playing. Not a first-attempt-friendly map. A shame because it looked nice with a pervasive green and grey theme and BFG sky.


MAP09  EXIT  166/163  0  2/2  1/1  8:37+05  8:37

Forli's chaotic monster battle is much more forgiving than NoisyVelvet's. Despite monsters everywhere there was enough room to move and run away while they distracted each other, and enough health available to allow for mistakes. Even the player vs. 5 archviles + demon crowd final encounter was doable as there was sufficient cover (secret megasphere helped). Pillars need monster blocking lines around them, I saw a few imps hanging off ledges, or outright knocked into the slime and only killed by lucky rocket splashes. Notably one of the exit archviles was immobilised this way.

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4 minutes ago, RjY said:

First attempt demo set for eagles08_v2



MAP01  DEAD  14/49  35  11/28  0/3  0:50+00  0:00
MAP01  EXIT  49/49  0   28/28  3/3  3:39+11  3:39


NeedHealth delivers another fine map with a nice loopy layout and height variation. Although I'm beginning to sense patterns emerging: this reminded me strongly of several of your previous maps. Maybe vary the style a bit?

Yeah, I know very well that I am starting to repeat myself. I always keep what I promise, so I made at least one map for this project. Sadly this is the only types of maps I can make that feels worthwhile.


This probably gong to be my last speedmap for a great while.

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5 hours ago, NeedHealth said:

terektafire's map looks like a wolf3d tech demo btw.

I sacrificed a bit on detail to focus more on the gameplay this time around :) Hopefully I will improve enough by next time to get both down

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@RjY good effort.  I see you missed the best part of the map: there were a dozen archviles in the locked exit silo at the beginning of the map :)


The chaingunners were thrown in towards the end because the map was too easy, and on HMP they aren't there.  It's also interesting to see that everyone so far has used the SSG corner as a camping tool to clear out the starting area, but there's nothing wrong with that.  I'm a big Resurgence fanboy, and what I was going for here was somewhat in that direction in terms of gameplay.  I just make sure that I can beat my own map, and it's good to go; though being the one to make a particular map gives me insane advantages when playing it.


Also, thinking back to all my maps ever, I seem to abuse the archvile-clump gimmick a lot.  Not even intentionally.  I guess I just like throwing clumps of viles at the player at the end of a map.  I am going to call this mapping trope the "Archvile Bukakke".



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