Toying with D3 models and PBR.

Hi, I was practicing and experimenting with shaders in Blender, and since I was using Doom 3 models I thought about sharing it here, for whoever's interest.


In order to separe and better representate things like metal and flesh I made some additional textures and masks for the models, since PBR (Physically-based rendering) demans more than the set of textures Doom 3 engine uses.




















Due to Cycles being a ray-traced rendering enviroment, there are lots of shadow issues with low poly models such as these, in a game engine like Unreal Engine 4 this would not happend, maybe I'll make some test in UE4 sometime.



Well, that's it, I'll post again here if I make another "experimentation".




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You should give them completely new and more realistic looking textures. That would be awesome.

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