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well i want to learn to make doom maps. so i need a good tutorial. start with the basics, like makeing a 4 sided room. stuff like how to do hight, width and legnth. also stuff like doors, triggers and switches. the editor i have choosen to learn on is deth. i would choose deepsea but u got to buy it, and i think i will wait until i am getting good at it.

side note i am good a quake editing, however i have never tried my hand at doom.

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WadAuthor. Easy to get to grips with. It also builds sectors for you, instead of having to build them up from the ground manually.

(just select 'new rectangular sector' and a 4-sided room appears just like that. To change heights, simply click on it and choose your heights, lighting and special properties like damage etc.)

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I am currently learning how to build maps for DooM and found DeepSea the easiest and best feature wise so far. I especially like the ZDoom and Boom support (the particle effects are cool). As for a tutorial, DeepSea has a built-in basic tutorial that shows how to build simple 4 sided rooms, pits, boxes and some other things. You can find a reference for the line types here: http://cres1.lancs.ac.uk/~esasb1/doom/lintyp10.txt

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