Welcome fellows to my first "Not-so-released" released WAD. Took me 6 months to learn a lot about scripting and know about how Slade works. Project was canceled due to a lot of texture difficulties and bad structure while making it.   Despite what i said, the game contains 5 new and improved weapons, 3 new monsters and a lot of challenging obstacles. This wad contains 3 and enjoyable maps that you can spend your freetime playing it because it was the mainly reason of making this wad, for fun!                                                                                 Story:   Umm, yeah, this wad has no story, maybe the same thing as every doom wad i suppose.                                                                                       Gamestyle:   While improving the making of the weapons, i tried to create the same gamestyle as the original game with more strategy tactics and more exciting moments that the player can have the time to think about a tactic possition.                                                                                    Screenshots:   Alright fellows, Screenshot time! And you know what this means: Lotsa screenie for everybody, hope you enjoy:       I'm also the guy who made "that" toilet sector xD                                                                                      Download:   Okay guys here you go:   https://www.mediafire.com/file/m9jy1qh1keje28t/Lust For Kill.zip       So any Feedbacks would be very much appreciated and hope you had fun playing it as i had fun making it (until the middle of the project of course)