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Ambient sound?


Is there a limit for how many questions one can ask? ;-D

1. I wonder how to make a sound that is played periodically on a mapspot?

2. How do i make the sound play periodically that can be heard over the whole map?

Thank you!

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Another option: Design an actor that plays the sound at different instances using state jumps rather than a script.

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21 hours ago, Nevander said:

No limit as far as I know.


1. You need to set up a MapSpot and use a script to do PlaySound with the loop parameter set. https://zdoom.org/wiki/PlaySound

2. You need to set up a MapSpot and use a script to do AmbientSound in an actual loop (like while(TRUE)) with a delay of the length of the sound so that it loops. https://zdoom.org/wiki/AmbientSound

Remember to add the SNDINFO lump in the map for the AmbientSound :p

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