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PSX TC error with GZDOOM 3.1.0

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Hey guys quick question


Im trying to set up the psx doom with gzdoom, and I know you need 3.1.0 to run it, and I have it, but whenever I try to run it, I get an error with the gaminfo script apperently.  Here is a picture with what I mean.


Has anyone else ran into this problem?  How can I fix it?  I really wanna try this mod out, psx doom was my childhood and im sad that im running into problems lol.  ANy advice is appreciated.  Thanks!

Doom psx error.png

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1 hour ago, AleksB said:

I know you need 3.1.0 to run it

Where did you hear that? I'm using it with 2.2.0 without any problems.

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It said it for the updated TC you needed 3.1.0.  Idk if thats true or not, but it seems correct, Cuz i downloaded the most recent updated version and tried setting it up with 2.2.0 and it kept crashing instantly.  But idk why I cant get it to work with 3.1.0 or how to fix this error.  Do you have any insight on it?

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