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Alien Vendetta - D2All UV-Speed in 1:33:21

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On map 26 you can save 1.5 minutes by just grabbing blue key without waking monsters, see the attach.

Of course very useful for -nomonsters runs too!

Not the easiest grab but I am sure you can find reliable setup.



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I think I wanted to use the chaingun more on map 02, but last minute I decided to stick to SSG instead, but then I forgot about ignoring the chaingun, heh.


I didn't think about doing a key grab on the BK on map 26, keygrabs need a certain starting position to work and so I just assumed even if it was possible that I couldn't get it reliably. However, I should have tried that before I spent maybe 1-2 hours trying to find a setup for skipping both linedefs. I did find some positions that made it possible, but they were too precise. I eventually gave up and just went with clearing the room.

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Oh yes, a d2all uv-speed of one of my favourite wads...!  Amazing run, Zero-Master, and with some gut-wrenching close calls as a bonus!  :D

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This WAD is hard. There were no episode UV-Speed runs before, and for a reason. D2ALL is as insane as j4rio's Scythe2 run.

Congratulations, well done with risk management. Also, I'm not super familiar with all the UV Speed records and all the tricks, but a few moments looked like

novelties to me; has the rocket jump on MAP24 been ever tried before?

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