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Hi there, I'm kinda new to Doom mapping, it'd be greatly apprecciated if you could help me with some problems I'm having building my maps: 


1) I'm trying to have a mirror on the wall where the red texture is (I have no idea why a red texture is showing btw, there is a mirror there), now for some weird reason if I look at that section from a far it looks like the first screenshot, red texture, not a mirror, but if I get on the stairs and look at it there's a mirror, not a red texture, what's going on? what am I doing wrong? also there is a weird ''reflective'' transparent thing going on where it shouldn't be (it's parallel to the library instead of being on the wall) when I look at it from a distance, dunno if you can gather it from the first screenshot: 






2) How do I get a middle texture in the middle of a wall horizontally? I know how to use middle textures to build fences and stuff like that but I have no idea how to have walls made up of multiple textures, I have seen in other wads that they do have walls with different textures and patterns but I have no idea how to achieve that. 


3) Is there a way to have a level end only when you have cleared the map of every single monster present in it? If so, how? 



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Hello there! I just see you post and I wanted to create small boxy demo map, but spent about hour for this... and make it more complexity...


I realy can't understand what is wrong with mirrors. I was check few expirements, but all OK. I create a demo-installation in one of walls, to demonstrate of using middle-textures (if I understang right that is you mean). And if you kill all monsters on this map, you can exit through the second door. It realised by a very simple ACS script (F10 to see).


Hope, It will be usefull.


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  DemoMap (for Kafelnikov).zip

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Oh man, that's great! thank you sooo much for the script.

As for the walls, I meant having a different texture in the middle of it horizontally, I dunno if that can be done, probably not. It can be done when the surfaces of the wall are different like in the screenshot below , but I wanted to do it on an uniform wall..anyway it's not that important.



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You could make the recession in the wall only one unit thick, and then use a midtexture on the front line of that recession, and make the front line impassable.

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