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Episode 1- In Trance

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Hello everyone! I decided to make a new, this time it is rather casual and takes around 5 minutes to finish. I am thinking about making a full episode so this would be the first level of it. 

The map uses E1M1

Is made to run on Doom2.wad

I tested it on Zdoom2.81; GZdoom 3.2.1 and QZdoom 2.0 also SkullTag 98d and Zandronum 3.0

I only use original textures

The map is meant for casual players and is rather easy than difficult.


The story is short and simple:

Before going home you have one last source of evil to clean out.
You enter the odd base covered in vines. The base looks abandoned and full of pain.
Your final task is to clear the abandoned base and sent the demons back to hell.


Download here: EPISODE 1- In Trance.zip







Edited by SkillZilla : Adding versions

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12 hours ago, lirui1001 said:

So this map is GZDoom only?

I played it with Zdoom 2.8.1. I think it should work on any platform.


EDIT: I tested it with it on Zdoom2.81; GZdoom 3.2.1 and QZdoom 2.0 also SkullTag 98d


It was made with GZDoomBuilder.

Edited by SkillZilla

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The screenshots already make it clear that this wouldn't work in vanilla or classic ports due to wall textures being used on floors and ceilings.

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6 hours ago, SkillZilla said:

SkullTag 98d


Skulltag is long dead, Zandronum is in its place now.

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