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How much is a big box copy of DOOM 3 worth? How many are out there?

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I am a collector of DOS games and such and when I found this I was pretty intrigued, just because I've seen nothing like it. In fact, I've seen more sealed DOOM mail orders than I have seen big box DOOM 3 games. I've never seen anyone discussing this specific physical copy on the Internet, either. I've only heard LGR note it in one of his videos. 


It's apparently a Sam's Club exclusive release, also. Here are some pics:



How much is it worth? How many are out there?

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The big box version of Doom 3 isn't extremely rare, but it's fairly uncommon and doesn't appear on Ebay very often. However, it's still Doom 3, so it's not the most sought after Doom item. The last big box Doom 3 copy I saw up for auction on Ebay several months ago went for roughly $30-$50.

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8 hours ago, dickkickem said:

How much is it worth?

Not as much as the price tag would suggest, but you never know what can happen when 2 crazed bidders go to war.

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Does anyone know if the big box version of DOOM 3 was released before, after, or at the same time as the much more common small box version?  Also, does the big box version have the gatefold cover (or whatever that kind of cover is called)?

Regardless, the DOOM 3 big box release does seem to be very, very rare.  I've almost never seen it for sale on eBay, and I also haven't seen much discussion about it online (same goes for the "DOOM Collector's Edition - The Ultimate DOOM Trilogy" big box, which I own).

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"Does this really belong to CLASSIC DOOM?"

EDIT: directly while typing these words, the whole thing was moved to /Newfangled/DOOM3 :-)))


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