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Check for Duplicate Entries in TEXTURE1

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I've been manually entering my composite textures into my TEXTURE1 lump and it occurred to me today that I accidentally reused some of the same texture names. PrBoom, Slade, and GZDoombuilder doesn't report any errors but when I'm picking textures to use in the map editor, the textures appear to be ones I didn't select when I test the map, due to the textures sharing the same name.


id like to clean this up but it would help a ton if there was a program that would make a list of all the duplicate texture names so I don't have to scan through the TEXTURE1 lump myself.


I'm not sure why Slade even allows this to happen.

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I haven't found a quick way to do this, but using the Sort function to put everything in alphanumerical order definitely helps some, even if it doesn't quite speed up the process.

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I'll look into the format specifications for texture lumps. If it looks simple enough, I'll write a small app to automate this for ya.

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Ok here. I just wrote a small app to check for duplicate textures inside TEXTUREx lumps.


Download source and binaries here.


Let me know if there were any problems.

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