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I have a mild project I'm thinking of starting.

What I need for my portion, or the main portion, is to make a courtyard hub that links up all of the sublevels that will make up ten maps of the second or third episode.


What I have is a pretty simple idea, but unfortunately my PK3 is over 5 Megs so I can't post it, only provide this link:


This takes place as a reality in another dimension. The idea is that doom, Wolfenstein, hell catacombs 3-D never existed! John Carmack never met John Romero and id games was never formed. Instead this 3D style was invented in 1993 and the first game (episode 1) was ported to Super Nintendo. It had no Nazi symbols or any of the sort, just mostly red textures and hell stuff. The storyline was cheezy for the first game. You find a portal to hell either in your bed or under your closet. You are young and face a lot of scary monsters in pixelated fashion.


The second episode is basically doom 2 with a lot of SP_HOT1 and other added fortress or hellish textures from afterglow resources and manmade ones. The bestiary is basically doom 2


The third, however, makes use of hubs, slopes, acs scripting, and everything else possible to recreate a quake and hexen combo experience! It will be set up loosely on Dante's Inferno in that the names are familiar places in that story (We'd only need to look at the table of contents for this one, that text is hard to decipher!)


Does anyone think this would be a fun thing to join in on?

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In this alternate dimension Abaddon 3 is the best selling game of all time way ahead of its competitors. Also: The bestiary can be limitless and as long as I can be helped in figuring out how to include all the new enemies with other new enemies of other entries, we can have all the bestiary realm667 can provide! If anyone wants to make some acs interesting when it's done be my guest!


Edit: Also, the name isn't fortress abaddon anymore, just Abaddon, Abaddon 2, and Abaddon 3

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Alright so I guess I should make rules:

1. I am not the leader. This is a community project with mappers working together

2. I can make all the music if need be, 30 music tracks or at least 15 doubled. I just have to wait until after Dec 31st when my soundtrack duty elsewhere is up. If, however, you have a MIDI or MP3 that is not another artist or band, your own work, or something different that is made for gaming and sounds good that is royalty free, we can use that instead.

3. I need someone that knows how to do hubs. I'm thinking of Abaddon 2 having a courtyard hub with 4 doors and a tunnelway out into a cemetary. It'll be like a little village area in the center of the first castle that allows for entry to at least 2 maps with 2 entrances that work as a cluster to finally open the tunnelway to the cemetary after a boss battle. We'll need six keys, red yellow and blue skull keys can be replaced with orange green and purple keycards. If there are alternate ideas on how to first enter the abaddon "red" levels feel free to give them, or just work together. I can resolve conflicts in ideas if need be or at least help out, but feel free to all discuss.


4. Abaddon (the first) should be Wolfenstein levels in quality. The textures need to be named so that they don't coincide with other wads, so just say on here what you're reserving, give it a number system, and use as many as you want as long as they are 16 colors.

5. Abaddon 3 maps must use ACS, slopes, alternate bestiary, and possibly a main hub or two. We will all come to how to do this together. 

6. I am also doing a paid soundtrack and keeping after the behavior of my children so I will not always be around. I'm on Facebook as Jerry Lehr from Central Indiana and also jerrylehr2016@gmail.com is the email I check regularly. After this I have a really cool idea for a completely different wad I just want to take a stab at seeing what this is like ;)


7. Don't be assholes to each other


8. Every level should have a name and by working together should connect in some way to the entrance of the next level. So give each other pieces! Just look at the transition between MAP02 and MAP03 to see what I mean. Also, feel free to touch up my map if someone wants to.

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here are the slots: pick a slot, name it, and I'll edit the post to reflect your username:

Abaddon 1 (Wolfenstein Quality)
01 ??? 

02 ??? 

03 ??? 

04 ??? 

05 ??? 

06 ??? 

07 ??? 

08 ??? 

09 ??? 

10 ??? 


Abaddon 2 (Doom Quality)

11 Entrance to some sort of fortress/castle

12 Castle Courtyard

13 Hub Map 1, two entrances

14 Hub Map 2, two entrances

15 Cemetary entrance, First Hell level

16 River Acheron

17 ???

18 ??? 

19 ??? 

20 ??? 


Abaddon 3 (Hexen and Quake Quality)

21 ??? 

22 ??? 

23 ??? 

24 ??? 

25 ??? 

26 ??? 

27 ??? 

28 ??? 

29 ??? 

30 ??? Lucifer? Realm of Ice? You guys decide.


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