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Correct music track order for the Quake II mission packs?

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I'm currently setting up Yamagi Quake II.


I have both the Steam and GOG releases of Quake II and both mission packs. I copied over the baseq2 data from the Steam release (to keep it as close to vanilla as possible as I'm archiving all my id games bundled with source ports but complete), but am copying the mission pack data from the GOG release as well as all the music tracks.


The music tracks are the hard part. The music folder in the GOG release has all the tracks lined up from Track02.ogg to Track21.ogg. The problem is that Yamagi wants the baseq2 folder and each mission pack to have their own separate music folder. In other words, I have to rearrange the tracks from the GOG release to emulate the order of the original CDs.


The baseq2 part is easy, as Track02.ogg to Track11.ogg is the Quake II soundtrack already in the correct order, and also I have the original Quake II CD for reference. However, as of now I don't have the original CDs for the Mission Packs, so this is where I'm stuck...


There's playlists of the mission pack soundtracks floating around on Youtube that I could use as reference, but I can't trust them as the track order varies between playlists. So this is what I'd like:


Anyone here who has the original CDs of the mission packs, please analyze the music tracks of the GOG release of Quake II and post something that tells me which music tracks go in which music folders. If you have the CDs but not the GOG release, PM me and I'll send you the tracks from my copy (I won't do it though if it's against the DW rules).


This will help not only myself, but anyone else who bought Quake II on GOG and wants to use Yamagi Quake II...

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My copy of Quake 2 came with a version of Quake 4 years ago, I had to use an unofficial patch to add the music back and all the tracks were added to a single folder in the main base and they all played appropriately with the main game and the expansions.

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