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Whats the worst Doom WAD You have ever played?

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A lot of the selections from the Maximum Doom portion of Master Levels for Doom 2 is a legit showcase of '94 wads that are mostly ugly pieces of shit.

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I don't really play a lot of bad maps since I'd rather get around to good ones, but I had to give dts-t a run a while back when it was making a lot of noise and so far its probably the worst I've played. I know there's much, much worse though.


EDIT: You'll have to forgive me because I forgot the mod name, but while posting that I was flipping through my memories of bad ZDoom projects, and I remembered one weird one that's definitely much worse. Highlights involves a really fucking stupid story starting with the player character being a criminal arrested for raping a minor, one of the maps being literally from 1995 (as introduced by the message when you enter it), the oof sound being replaced with a beavis and butthead "do that again, heh" sound clip, and like a million tiring invasion maps. That was an adventure, heh.

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On 11/12/2017 at 0:07 PM, doomslayer11122 said:

Looking for some terrible stuff to play today, what do you guys got?

What's your criteria?


Wow.wad is bad (or a misunderstood, legendary masterpiece, depending on your outlook), but you can't actually finish it.

Imp Encounters isn't really a map, per se; it's essentially an extended cut scene (or, again, a misunderstood, legendary masterpiece, depending on your outlook).


I assume you want levels you can play, so levels that just cause your game to crash are probably out, but that would be up to you.


Are you looking for levels that were meant to be serious? Where the designers was earnestly "trying" to make a level and not just troll players or poke fun at something. If so, then joke wads and terry wads are probably out.


Are you looking for levels that functionally work? In other words, levels with exits (whether by switch, walkover line, or death), levels with all the keys they need to actually open the doors that need to be opened, levels with necessary switches tagged properly, etc.?


Are you looking for levels with just badly constructed encounters? Too many monsters and not enough health/ammo (although I've never played any, I've heard good levels exist that start out with a soulsphere/megasphere and a megarmor and that's all the health and armor in the level)? Walls of hitscanners and inadequate cover? Cramped Too few monsters and too much health/ammo? Copious inescapable pits where you can't get out and can't die (granted, these are present on some legendary maps, too)?


Are you looking for levels that just have bad choices of textures (which is, admittedly, personal taste)? I can remember playing random levels on D!Zone that were mismatches of various marble, skin, bone, pentagram, and other "hell" textures along with all the "hell" decor (hanging dead, heads on spikes, beating heart on a dais, etc.). Gratuitously mismatched textures (when not done intentionally)?


Do you want bad single maps or bad megawads (of any length)?


Or are you looking for some combination of all of the above?

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13 hours ago, Summer Deep said:

Twilight Warrior.


Don't be fooled by the fact that the first two levels are half-decent. The rest of it's abysmal.

And what a shame indeed, it's a very unique idea. I once rigged a DECORATE-enhanced version with R667 guns and upgraded versions of the original monsters, and it was surprisingly playable, but the later maps did indeed get rather crappy and annoying (especially when I made the stupid choice of giving the regular grunts M16A3 rifles and the ability to fire bursts; that one urban map was a nightmare of cowering from fusillades of rounds).

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I'm glad Graf mentioned DRE. To this day that is the absolute biggest disappointment of a release and my worst experience with a Doom wad. I vividly remember wondering if the whole thing was some kind of fucked up joke after getting to Waldo's face at the end of some hallway but I think it was a genuine Easter egg in the middle of a whole bunch of incompetence. What's staggering is that he worked on that junk for about 3 years, maybe even longer.


Rampage WAS the first one to send me WadAuthor though which was endlessly superior to any other Doomy tools I'd seen at the time, so I at least appreciate him for that

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Eternal Doom. I know it won a cacoward, but good golly miss molly! It was anything but fun after level 15 or so! X-(


If you're looking for something genuinely terrible in every respect, try thissuxx.wad. Except it actually accomplishes its purpose, so maybe it's not actually bad... :thinking:

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I've said it multiple times but:


Nazi Aufestehung


32 SLIDGE generated hot garbage maps with stolen music, sprites, sounds, textures...

And to top it off the wanker packaged the thing worse than a sandwich made by a shotgun and has its own ".exe file" (a shittily renamed ancient version of ZDoom) that you run it off so you have to copy DOOM2.wad then paste it in the same folder (which is confusing because there is about 4 different butchered versions of Doom 2 packed with it) just to get an experience like being punched in the nuts by a toothless biker who's made of misaligned swastika textures and Third Reich Half-Life Stukabats.




Do you hate yourself? Do you honestly loathe the concept of enjoyment? Why are slaughtermaps looked down upon?

If you answered yes then JOW.wad is for you. JOW.wad would like to remind you that everything is worthless, unending tedium is your life and there is nothing you can do about it, you live a slave to others and you're sick of it, all your time is wasted time until the inevitability of death strikes you down; bitterly old, crushingly alone, darkeningly insane through tireless repetition and hysterical in your own terror is how you go out.


You see, I'm convinced JOW.wad is art representative of this depressing lifestyle and outlook on life, it perfectly mimics the crushing downtrodden members of our society and their void of emotion they refer to as "daily life", a parasitic entity that consumes hope and happiness just to let them survive...


Actually no, the maps are just terrible and make military bootcamp seem like fucking Disneyland, you'd think they were made by a program designed to simulate storage room space and shelf alignment with how bland and uniform it is and you'll contract tinnitus from the overuse of arachnotrons who are active 100% of the time yet lost in another hellish square maze of the exact same room. 0/10.

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I might be biased since I made it, but the reviews were all awful!

Check out this mad science: Nightmares of Loki 1999
it's in the id archives they won't let me have them delete it! lol

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No need to.

Notice the thread's title?

Like I said in my post there's a clear distinction between bad stuff I found and bad stuff I actually played.

And garbage like Nazi Auferstehung or UAC Military Nightmare never passed my quality check and got dumped right away.



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I, too, have unfortunately played JOW.wad

It's sort of like the ancient versions of OBLIGE (0.8.1) but the maps are even worse and it doesn't have any of the charm that comes from being randomly generated.

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What kind of bad? I can think of two "worst" wads I have ever played.
1. Mattbratt's level pack (I may have misspelled the name):


It has 1 or 2 stolen maps while the rest 30 are big boxy rooms with no texture, light or height variation and devoid any sort of detail whatsoever that have been stuffed with all kinds of monsters and weapons without any regard for sense or sensibility. As a matter of fact, most of these levels are simply impossible without cheats.




If there was ever a mod that was truly too ambitious for its own good, it would be this one. It adds a crap ton of new everything via extensive scripting while completely forgetting what made Doom great in the first place. Though v3 has fixed the bullshit recoil which was arguably the worst thing about the wad, it does nothing for the completely atrocious level design. This is what you want if you wish to subject yourself to prolonged torture. If you truly want to suffer, I'd recommend v2 (it's the one I played) instead of v3 to experience the full extent of the torture. I still have a copy of it on my hard drive so feel free to PM me if you can't find v2.


I wrote detailed reviews of both a few years back but if you're interested here's the link:



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I haven't played many bad wads myself. However, my first megawad (UAC Enterprises) is, in my opinion, so-bad-it's-good. I can't provide a link as I am typing on a Wii U currently. 


Since I don't want to simply mention my own stuff again, I suggest you also look to DeimosComaBlack and PieceofPieSoftware's wad videos, as they've played a plethora of awful maps. 

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