making some weird adlib-y DOS music

totally lost track of DOOM for a while but it occurred to me the music I was thinking about right now might appeal to a few Doomers. thinking a lot about the ambient-ish RPG soundtracks that were knocking around at the beginning of the nineties and my own game based on them


I've been recording videos on my own showing how I track them so this might double as a crude introduce to tracking and ADSR patching and blah bah.

here are two videos which will probably vanish from twitch in a few days cos I have no followers whatsoever :))


the sound you hear in the background is an old YAMAHA keyboard with its own OPL presets. I'm committed to teh nascent PC music era I guess. apologies for their annoyingly slow nature, I'm both thinking and wrestling with an old interface :))

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3 hours ago, yakfak said:

I have no followers

Now you have one. Perhaps i'll catch your stream next time.


Not very familar with  MS-DOS trackers but i was toying around with Delta Music on my Amiga as a kiddo. What tracker you're working on btw?

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thanks :D

it's called Faust Music Creator! my friend made a tutorial for this one which is why I prefer it. The main drawback is that it only opens eight channels (adlib gold really supported nine) but I can't say I'm missing the extra note.

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Maybe you should use Adlib Tracker 2 if you want all the channels, from what I can tell it seems like most people think it is the best program for adlib music creation as well

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^ good call


the difference between the programs is that I know how to use FMC whereas eliciting sound out of adtrack2 seems like a herculean feat to me :))))

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