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Music But Without The Good Stuff

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So I do music. Kinda. It's really bad music. I haven't learned music theory yet, so I just kind of throw notes onto a DAW and make it sound good to me.


This is a track I'm particularly proud of. My old music didn't have much background melodies, so I decided to do that with this track, Analog.


I used an iOS app called Medly to put this together. It's free (and for some reason it doesn't have ads), and I would recommend it to beginners because of how easy it is to get used to the interface.


Anyways, the format I tried to follow was verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus -- I thought it would be a good way for me to put in all the melodies I wanted without making it sound so freakishly abrupt with timing, like my old music. I stopped doing music for a bit so I could focus on actually learning music theory so my music isn't a garbage fire.


This was originally supposed to be dark, horror-like EDM, so the drums are kinda slow. But as I went along producing Analog, I eventually ended up with a little funky groove, and I loved it so much I didn't change it.


The lead I used was a bass instrument in Medly named Analog (guess where I got the name of the song); I tried to lower the bass on the instrument so I didn't make your entire head vibrate when you listened to it. One thing that made me keep this instrument was how "gummy" it sounded to me. 

The background melody uses a "heavy piano", with another bass instrument to back it up. The melody shifts throughout the song, switching from "being banged on" in the first two verses (as I say) to "being held down" in the chorus. When I was trying to figure out how to start it, I had three concepts. I don't remember what the first two were (I think one was a buildup of verse instruments before leading into the verse), but what you hear at the start, where everything is muffled, is the one I chose in the end.




But all the pride is kind of destroyed by the fact that I used to put my music on iTunes and GPlay... yep. I don't know how I should feel. Probably disappointed with myself. Any future music I do is sure as hell not gonna be something you pay for :P

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