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Doom Radio Trailer Online

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I'll just copy/paste from my site,it'll be easier.
It's http://members.tripod.com/Sgt_Crispy/ btw! :)

Howdy fellow Doomers! I've returned with another big update of sorts. I've been "gone" recently due to both my monitors dying on me. I've gotten a brand new Sony Trinitron Multiscan G400 19" (18 inch viewable) and it's quite yummy to say the least.

After I got my new monitor I have been lurking around the DW forums a bit and posting here and there a tad. I've worked my map03 of my FreeDoom map a little finally, and other boring stuff as well.

Anyway here's the big update I was talking about earlier. Doom Radio!

Yes you heard me. Doom Radio. After my failed Speedmapping Radio experiment went kaput I still wanted to get some kind of show put together.

But I need your help. yeah yeah I know. I've heard a things on IRC lately that really should be brought to light where or not you think you shold be. Cause frankly, this is getting stupid, and feel that it should be more int he open than it is.

So DCC me or email and sha_nigtha@yahoo.com some comments, rants, raves, and pr0n ( :) ) in mp3, wav, or ogg. whatever. Cause I need some more material than what I have, which is kinda small now. Making a little voice rant isn't that hard. If you can type it out in a forum or chatroom you can certanily say it too. :)

I will be going full speed ahead with this and I hope you guys and tag along. :)

Here's is the trailer. Next week will be the offical first show, cause I want some feedback from you guys as much as possible. Its in ogg format because it rocks I'll might post a mp3 version if demand comes in. yeah right...

I'll be idling in #zdoom, #doom, and #zdaemon on irc.debian.org so DCC me if you wish. It'll be alot easier for everyone i guess.

Also, if this actually does go some where I might be looking for different hosting options since Tripod is kinda limited in space and whatnot. I will try later on to do a live streaming show once I get some crap figured out. So I might ask for a live interview or something like that.


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Heh, A cool feature could be a show about pwad music. I have a SB Audigy (similar to SB Live) soundcard so I have excellent midi playback and someday I intend in investing in a decent microphone to do some singing and sampling of weird sounds. I dunno. Perhaps some news from the pwad music front (newstuff) mixed with some features on different pwad artists.

Deliplayer can't play the .ogg however. It did detect it as "Vorbis", but said it was corrupt.

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