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Looking for someone to test OpenCoop custom maps

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I'm working on modify some custom maps to make them compatible with OpenCoop alpha 2.0, but I need someone to test the maps with him so I can know if I'm doing it fine or not. (Yes, I can test with noclip, etc... but it's not the same).


If you use steam, my steam account is Stradex (I'm the one from Argentina, also known as Worrytrain) (or better, my custom url: http://steamcommunity.com/id/str3dex)


By now I'm working on:

  • Facing Hell by StYl3
  • Insomnia by WarlorD69
  • Urukhai by ¿?


I plan to work in future on: 


  • Omega Labs by ¿?
  • Demon Genes by Caffeine Freak
  • Gatehouse by nbohr1more
  • CoddeRED (for ROE) by ¿?


The final objective is to make a new Open Coop map pack with custom maps with, atleast, 6 new projects.

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