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The Last Jedi Bingo Thread

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Its simple, copy the image to MSPaint or your preferred image editing software and fill each block with your movie predictions, for better or worse. 

Free Slot already takes care of all the possible Empire references/throwbacks/ripoffs, so try to go wild with your predictions, the point isn't to guess them all but to see who guesses the most wild speculation nonsense for fun, don't play it safe like Disney you


In a month we'll see the results!



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I tried... but I could only fill in the first row:




Putting all Empire Strikes Back homages into the free space really limited what I could do.


Anyone can feel free to add to my card, I think it would be easier for multiple people to do one card instead of everyone trying to make their own.

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  • Luke dies
  • CGI Carrie Fisher
  • Chewbacca kicks everybody's asses
  • Finn finally gets an inhaler
  • A new massively destructive device is introduced, probably something from the EU
  • The pet zillo beast poops on the biggest rug in the galaxy

It's hard to say what will happen without drawing from the Empire pool. I can't wait to see though, I'm loving the new Star Wars stuff, especially Rogue One. 

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