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Looking For Shotgun Sprites With Gloves

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I'm looking for a sprite set I found a while back that contained this set of sprites, but with gloves.


I had first found out about this set's edit when I was searching through Google Images a while back. The picture led to a ZDoom forums thread, which contained a download for the weapons that were included in the image I had found.

The image looked like something similar to this one:


The closest to what I am looking for is this, from Dump 3. There's a problem with it, though.


The barrel has been changed. This may not seem like much of a problem to some of you, but, whatever.

This one (A plasma shotgun from Realm667) actually has gloves, but it looks... off to me.


Hopefully, someone out there has an archive of what I'm looking for.

Chances are, I haven't even provided enough information.

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Check out jdredalert 's sprites.


While there, also check out the other posts about spriting.

Use Search for sprite and/or glove.


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