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things turning into map markers


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Because you made it one.

Specifically, it hasn't become a map marker, but rather SLADE3 is detecting it as one (the contents are unchanged, type detection is mostly just context aware identification) because you put it where a map marker should be, before the TEXTMAP entry. You seem to have destroyed the original map marker and put something unrelated in its place, so now SLADE3 is detecting a map called WAND4. Put WAND4 back where it's supposed to be, remake the original map marker for that TEXTMAP (MAP02 perhaps?) and reload SLADE3, and it will detect the lumps as what they should be again.


Specific lumps in WADs are very order depdent, and what they do and how Doom works with them is dependent on what's around them. TEXTMAP is part of the UDMF map structure, and said map structure is identified from ENDMAP to TEXTMAP and labeled with the map marker above. Other lumps such as sprites are expected to be contained in S_START/S_END marker lumps, as another example. Further reading: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/WAD#Lump_order

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Can you provide more details about what you did before? And what version of SLADE 3 you are using? Some people have reported cases of wad corruptions when saving an archive, though as far as I know this has been fixed. If you didn't do anything wrong (like deleting a map marker) and you are using the latest 3.1.2 beta, then you should make a bug report on the issue tracker.

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