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Bridge Question.


So. I know how to make a working 3d bridge, but I am unsatisfied with the "X" pattern that I must use. Can I make a 3d bridge that has a complete texture for the walkable area, versus having the "x" pattern. I hope this is clear, I'm not really sure how to explain. This is the tutorial I used: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_3D_bridges

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If you're using UDMF format, what you are asking is possible.

This is a tutorial for water in UDMF format. You can easily make it a bridge by keeping the type as "1" (Solid) (instead of "2" (Swimmable) like it is @ 0:35 of the video).

Use this one instead.

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Two questions:


1. What makes you think you need an X-pattern? Just because the tutorial uses one does not mean it's a requirement.

2. That tutorial is OLD and there's better methods now, like real 3D floors with actual textures.

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