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Fresh Meat: Map01

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@Flying01Welcome to the forums m8. I tested the map and it's quite good for a start. Just found some misalignments but that's not important to the gameplay. The gameplay flow is good, the detail on the areas is also good and the secrets helps for a introduction map. The plasma gun is a bit overkill though, you could replace it with a chainsaw or a chaingun but since this is a test to show your map, it's fine for now. 


I left a demo for you if you want to check it out. Played in GZDoom 3.2.1. Enjoy the demo and solid map man. You can extend this map and turn it into a short megawad if you want. Thumbs up.



Oh...in case that you don't know how to check the demo, it's simple. Just select your wad with the file inside of the zip and load both files by drag&drop or copypasting to the GZDoom executable.

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This is very good as a first attempt. I would enjoy playing more maps like this, but a little longer though. Was kinda disappointed at how quickly it was over but it's a good map regardless.


I do have a couple of tiny criticisms. Firstly, seem to ignore Y alignment in a few places which is quite noticeable with some textures and especially with STARTAN textures. In your 3rd screen shot, there's an example where the inner wall of the window is not Y aligned to the outer adjoining wall.  Without proper Y alignment, some windows and walls look a bit ugly. Try to Y-align the inner walls of your windows if they are using the same textures as the outer walls. And when using upper or lower textures after joining sectors of differing ceiling and floor heights, an easy way to Y-align them to the solid walls(single sided linedefs) is by unpegging. This works especially well for quickly Y-aligning upper and lower textures of windows.  More complicated scenarios would require both unpegging and Y offsets. Both X and Y alignment can go a long way towards making something look better.


Another tiny criticism is that you make sudden texture changes along a couple straight walls without an intervening seam-like texture. I'll illustrate what I mean.


Texture change without a seam-like texture in between.


Texture change with a seam-like texture in between.




Generally speaking people find the second way more visually appealing that the first.


Aside from those minor things, your map is good. I'd say 7/10.

Edited by Niya

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Welcome, always nice to see new map makers trying to make good maps. For a first time map, it's a pretty nice level with some nice detail and neat tricks that goes along with it, although the texture alignments could be improved. The gameplay flows well and it's pretty fast-paced, though my problem would be that it's short and can be finished rather quickly, kind of a shame but I can set that side being that it's your first map. When making secrets, know how to reward (or punish) the player since a Plasma Rifle in a pretty short level does seem odd to have, but again, I can set that aside. Other than that, I enjoyed the level and I encountered no bugs, a solid map that can be added upon to make it longer and perhaps even better.

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Hey all! Thanks for the warm welcomes, and thanks all the more for checking this out. This is such a great community.


I'll go over it again and fix up the sloppy texturing, and play around with the pegged/unpegged textures per @Niya 's recommendation. I probably should have clarified that this would be intended as the first map of a series, which is why I kept it short and sweet. Expect future maps to have some more meat.


@leodoom85 I loved watching the demo. Seeing someone else enjoying something I've made gives me great joy. Thank you very much for the extra effort!


Edit: I'm probably being dumb. Could someone tell me how tag another user in a comment?

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1 hour ago, Flying01 said:

Edit: I'm probably being dumb. Could someone tell me how tag another user in a comment?

You can either mark a user's text and then click the "Quote This" button to make sure everyone can understand what you want to refer to in particular (in which case the user gets notified that they have been quoted), or you use "@username", which will make a menu bar appear from which you can then choose the desired user to adress after typing in the first few letters, as in @Flying01. If you see this blue background like shown here, it means you did it right. Just make sure not to overuse the "@username", because usually people who already commented on a thread get notified when something happens.

With great power comes great posting, or so they say. ;-)

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This was a nice little map. Some attention to detail. A nice variety of secrets. The plasma rifle is a little tough to get because you have very little time on the one lift, and it's a two part secret basically, but it's nice to have the window giving you a hint. 


It certainly reminded me of Knee Deep in the Dead. Creatively, I admire a a good base map because for some reason I just struggle more with those. I really don't have anything specific to improve on. One minor and certainly subjective thing is that I did think having some hanging limbs just in that one area that wasn't really any different from most of the rooms was a little odd. I hope to see more.

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I'll take a look at it and record something that will be posted in the future.


Edit: This was a short, fun little map but I can wager you could have added a monster or two the the exit's courtyard, like a couple of demons or former humans of any flavor.



Edited by Glaice

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Hey doom fans,


Map02 is now complete, and ready for your viewing pleasure. Map03 is 90% complete and doesn't have an ending yet, but is included for giggles' sake.


Map01 was intended as an introduction to movement and shooting mechanics. Map02 seeks to emphasise the value of fighting from cover, and is therefore littered with hitscan enemies and shotgun ammo. Secrets are intended to provide advantageous positioning and timely power-ups.


Map03, is case you play it too, creates situations where circle-strafing is a valuable technique.


Jumping is not intended. It was tested using Zandorum. As always, feedback and criticism are most welcome.


Please enjoy!









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