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Sky glitch, what problem?

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Only in a specific map happen these skys glitch. This glitch make me see trought wall and I can see another rooms... If I copy this map and move on another level, the problem with sky is the same, also something is wrong witch map.


I dont see any mistace of routing, because in all maps is ok... what sort of problem can be?

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Ok, it seems another problem. Output of PrBoom-Plus says SKY3 is missing, complains about missing textures and refuses to run it, with plutonia.wad as IWAD. GZDoom, which complains about F_START and F_END markers (there are two instances of the latter), can run it, and there are obvious HOMs in the outdoor zone.


It sounds to me like messed up TEXTURE1/PNAMES lumps, and it’s interesting that you have swapped them, according to wad-js viewer. Another user who can run Slade3 may give you more accurate instructions to fix your wad.


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Try recompile texture set and use base(from Doom2) TEXTUREx lump for your custom textures. Everything is messy, to be honest. I could try recompile everything, but no promises. 

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Leaving aside the messed up TEXTURE1 / PNAMES (you should import them from the base IWAD and edit them, not write them from the scratch) and others lumps, it seems for me a possible bug or issue of the hardware renderer (or the internal node builder of GZDoom, perhaps), which freaks out. Software rendering of PrBoom-Plus does work OK.


Your first version I have cleaned and rebuilt using DeuTex and ZenNode (yes, DeuTex and ZenNode for DOS) does the same thing:



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