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Mortal Kombat II TC for DooM (zandronum online) beta 2.6 released

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On ‎11‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 8:05 PM, doomero-21 said:

This new version of MKII, contain a lot of bugs fixed, enhanced the code. This mod is for play online (1-4 players), contain 2 modes:  mortal kombat (1vs1:  p1 vs p2, p1 vs cpu, cpu vs p2), 2 on 2 kombat (2vs2: p1 vs p2, p1,p3 vs p2,p4, p1,p3 vs cpu, cpu vs p2,p4) . Also contain some DooM cameos (for example; Shang Tsung can transform to a cyberdemon or spidermastermind and execute a fatality, or the toasty! replaced by a cacodemon), i will post here, very soon, this new version.


Here the video:



Fucking awesome man, I need to get the 6 button gamepad out and have a go!


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Ok, i posted the link of the beta, still need to enhance a lot of things and remember, the principal purpose of this mod is the online: i recommend play this mod on cooperative.

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yes, was insane, but at the same time interesting to do. Doom engine amaze me. BTW i released a new update (check first post), some bugs were fixed.

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