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Cursor Question on Startup

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I'm wondering about the cursor not being hidden when the game is full-screen as would ordinarily be the case for a program. Is this a bug on my end, or is there a setting to adjust this? As soon as the boot sequence starts, the cursor appears centered on-screen, when a game should have captured the mouse.

I'm using the PC version of the game for reference.

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I assume you're talking about the actual mouse cursor appearing on screen. If so, I never experienced that. The only thing I could think of is that it's launching in a borderless window. Or you have another program running that for some reason activates when you run Doom and takes you out of fullscreen, possibly an Anti-Virus program, or Razer Cortex, or Steam popping up with something. But it shouldn't be displayed if you're running in full screen, something else is probably the culprit.

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Thanks. Yeah, when the game starts up in what should be fullscreen, the cursor is not immediately grabbed/hidden as a fullscreen game would do on startup, so maybe it's misconfigured.

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