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I made a midi... kind of

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Hey guys :) I just got through wrapping up a nice little speedmidi (made in ~3-3.5 hours) based around the gzdoom.sf2 soundfont. And despite typically being pretty poor at coming up with song ideas it turned out pretty well imo, maybe a little repetitive in some parts but better than what I usually can come up with which is basically nothing lol. There is just one little problem though... the daw that I used to make it doesn't have "proper" midi export in the sense that when you export a midi on it you can only choose to export as instrument 0 since it can't parse advanced midi messages yet... so everything sounds like piano including the drums ;( If anyone is willing to fix this for me that would be great. Here is a link to the mid itself, the names of the instruments used should be in the track names




And here is an ogg version of it so you can hear what it is SUPPOSED to sound like



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