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F6 Longer Working? (GZDoom)


For some reason, my F6 key suddenly stopped showing the quicksave screen. I know that it's the correct button, but the screen doesn't seem to pop up anymore.

- I checked the settings, and you can't rebind the quicksave key, so I couldn't check that.

- I tried a different keyboard. Same results.

- I reinstalled GZDoom. Same results.


I apologize if this isn't editing related or not, because I want to edit the quicksave key to something more accessible if possible. If that doesn't count, then I'm sorry.


Any pointers on how to fix this?


(I'm using GZDoom)

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Does F2 work?

You can also bind a key to "special autosave" if you want to do one button saves.

bind y "special autosave"

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yes, actually. F6 worked before, but it doesn't seem to quicksave anymore just recenyly.


Maybe I broke my f6 key?

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