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First release of 6 Maps (AKA Infiltration)

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This WAD is my first attempt at creating levels for doom. I created 6 levels, following a loose progression. The Levels are intended to be played continiously, but should work for pistol start as well.

I created these levels while learing how to use GZDB / transferring my Hammer knowledge to a 2.5D Space. Therefore there might be some inconsistencies, but I think everything should play smoothly.


I'd be very happy for any feedback for this WAD, and especially thankful for some Demos.

But any comment is welcome :)


The WAD has no difficulty levels, and is intended to be played on UV.





- fixed some visual Issues (thanks gaspe)

- fixed weapon balance in Map01

- fixed possibility to get stuck in Map01



I included some custom textures, either created by myself, or taken from this thread, whenever the original textures were not sufficient for the purpose.



Texture Creators:







There is also custom Music for 5 of the 6 Levels.

I can only credit Chris Laverdure for his replacement MIDIs for DooM e1, and Jimmy Da Powerhouse


(I hope I did not forget to mention anyone. If you find content in this WAD that has been created by you, please let me know!)



The WAD is supposed to be boom compatible (complevel 9) with Doom2 as a IWAD.

Tested Sourceports: GZDooM, prboom+
















Updated Version





Edited by lunoir

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Played the wad, though I didn't record demos. Very good job overall for a first wad, I would say that you have a rather solid base for the themes and the ideas, I think you mostly need to map more so you can adjust some "technical" things that at least on the visuals can give a more pleasant presentation.

For example these cutted doors (also the wire made with light is quite jarring) aren't very good looking:



The texture alignment was allright. I think that the maps were rather chaotic initially due to how sectors and the detail are done, and the mishmash of tech and hell. MAP01 was really nice, I liked that sprawling adventure and the music put me in the right mood. The SSG comes really late (though I missed many secrets, maybe it was available early?) and there aren't many rockets for the RL. I didn't like so much MAP02, it's really cramped and also MAP01 is like that in some places,  and that makes the navigation and combats very awkward. Thankfully MAP03 with its more open space gave a nice change. Be aware of the sky cut-offs when you make outdoor areas:




I really liked that red key door you can't open, it added a bit of mystery. On MAP04 it was very cool to revisit a location of a previous map, and the platforming in the cave was nice. I think that the map ends abruptly though. MAP05 was fine initially but be careful when you start to put teleporting ambushes everytime you do something, it gets predictable fast. It was done better in the last map. I like how you made the progression in all the levels. As last thing, I don't if you aware of these:


You can press the switch from behind the bars:


You can jump on this platform from the step nearby, so you can skip to press a button and trigger an ambush:



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Thank you for your feedback :)


The cutoff Texture is weird, since it looks alright on my setup.


THe switch that you can hit without going behind the bars is intended (or rather left in to be exploited),

the jump to the platform is not, but I think I will leave t in as well.


The doors and wire are atavisms from the first 8h of working in this map, when I had no grasp on available textures or mapping tricks to get around them.

I agree that they look very...meh.

Are there more 'jarring' visuals anywhere?

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this is really cool, was gonna try to give you more detailed feedback later but i ran into a softlock where i fell into the pit near the start with the SSG coming from the ashwall cliffs after passing through a room with tons of cacos and demons and i don't appear to be able to get out. the only switch i could find nearby by lowers something that's behind a wall.


figured that was worth letting you know about sooner

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Ah, yes, big mistake by me. You are supposed to get there by a secret, and when you enter through that, a part of the wall near the switch lowers and lets you get back out. I think I will fix this tomorow.

Would you mind giving me the more detailed feedback anyway?

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On 26/11/2017 at 9:51 PM, lunoir said:

Are there more 'jarring' visuals anywhere?

I don't think, as I said before this is more a matter of getting more experience.



The cutoff Texture is weird, since it looks alright on my setup.

You used a rather strange method to do that building. Midtextures clip into the floor/ceiling if they are put between sector that don't have different light values or height, so I guess this is the problem here. I copied a part of the start of the map and I modified it with a more proper method: skytest.zip. I did that for a demostrative purpose, since for me it was easier rather than explain with words.

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Thanks, I will have a look at it when I have a working mouse again.

Do you have any idead why there where no visual issues for me, even on prboom & crispy doom?

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I don't know why exactly it happens, I guess it's related to the rendering since I had that issue with glboom+ and gzdoom. I forgot to mention it before but on MAP03 the nukage pools have some deep water effects which don't look alright (this was taken with prboom+):



Usually in vanilla you do this with self-referecing sector but since you are using boom you can use the linedef type 242 to create the effect.

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I get stuck in this narrow corridor, tried to squeeze but in the end I had to idclip:







Was using the updated map ('Infiltrationv1.1.wad') and gzdoom 3.2


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I got to map 4 before calling it quits.  It felt more like a chore than fun.  Too many narrow/small areas made me feel like I was constantly bumping into stuff.  The maps have many paths to take which leads to confusion.  At first it's not too bad but as I kept getting lost I started jumping and noclipping out of frustration.  I'm not good at navigating levels anyway so take this criticism as you will.

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