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Upcoming comic:Brutal Cuphead

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Cuphead Don't Deal With The Devil is 1930s style run and gun game developed and published by StudioMDHR,game involve two protagonist cuphead & mughead brother's who wander into the Devil's Casino,betting they soul's & now collect the contracts of his runaway debtors who have also lost their souls,but cuphead some how remained me of doom you going around killed enemies & boss,shooting something's demon

Weirdly there similarities between cuphead & doom slayer

  • They make deal with devil 
  • Fighting wave of enemy's from hell
  • They face to face with demon who do them right
  • Protagonist save everyone from hell


After thinking about starting get this idea for cuphead. what if cuphead was brutal like brutal doom & DOOM (2016) with bit from doom comic "Knee Deep In The Dead",that started writing a comic title call Brutal Cuphead it series have same plot from the game but with few different,first main character cuphead be focus around with mughead (he be kidnapped & hold hostage by devil only save he by collected the soul's) cuphead personality in this brutal version comic is...well here description doomguy (from comic ) meet meet jim carrey (comedians) meet nicolas cage (insane acting) meet Serious Sam Meet Duke Nukem Meet Frank West Meet Ash Williams & meet Gary Busey. That cuphead personality is insane,cartoonist,one line's & action pack hero,second boss's from game be same with no changed to them but they be horrible brutal death must imaginary impossible, brutal cuphead not only influence doom entire franchises also well video game's as brutal legend,Bulletstorm,Splatterhouse,Mortal Kombat,Madworld,Hatred,Serious Sam & God Of War for they dark humour, violence,bloody & gore & disturbing theme mix inspiration from comic I Hate Fairyland & heavy influence from heavy metal & death metal band's


Started writing the comic sometime in mid 2018 or early 2019 along searching for couple different for freelancer's artists and illustrators to help out that be nice.


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