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Does anyone have a download link to eawpats?

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I've discovered this soundfont to use in TiMidity++, but the links at the original post is dead. So I've been wondering, does anyone have a download of the .sf2 or .pat files anywhere that I can get?


Original post: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=50217



Speaking of soundfonts and TiMidity++, I've also been having a weird issue. For some reason, TiMidity++ at times doesn't use the soundfont entirely, or even half-asses it. I even followed a guide to get it to play soundfonts with Zandronum, and followed the guide step-by-step. And it doesn't work despite any amount of times I repeat it from scratch. Anybody got a good guide or could give me instructions on how to make it work?


Guide I used: 


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The original EAWPats is available at /idgames, but I cannot give you a link right now because I cannot check on the machine I'm on at the moment.


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I'm not familiar with the subject material, but I believe this may be the link Graf was referring to:


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