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Whitewood's Mansion.WAD (alfa)

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This is my first wad ever. I understand that, "OH! you can't do that here!" But I have no other way of doing so. So im sharing it here. Bare with me!

This is called "Whitewood's Mansion" it's a post apocalyptic journey through Elijia Whitewood's old house. Fight through his armed guards (nazis) and demons. 


EDIT: As something I failed to mention, I'd like to incoorperate the available ports for this wad.


This was tested and developed using ZDoom, and as far as I know, this is also available for GZDoom. If not, contact me, and we'll discuss it together!


Business email:



This is the first map, because I want to know if people want more from me, however, later on I will be building the new maps when I get the chance! Download the .zip file below, if that doesn't work, then click on this link to the file itself: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gox1d83kolpmmd6/Whitewood's_Mansion.zip


Whitewood's Mansion.zip

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 11_27_2017 6_04_10 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 11_27_2017 6_04_24 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 11_27_2017 6_04_37 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 11_27_2017 6_04_59 AM.png

ZDOOM 2.8.1  (2016-02-16 15_46_35 +0300) 11_27_2017 6_05_13 AM.png

Edited by LoadedCannible : Forgot to include available ports for this WAD

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On 5/12/2017 at 2:20 PM, LoadedCannible said:

Im sorry, I didn't understand what you said. Like, what do you mean?

They are not properly aligned to the ceiling/floor , they are all of the wall textures this way 

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