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Which maps or projects are you most proud of?

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Which maps/projects/wads are you most proud of making? Why do you like them over some of your other work?


For me it’s end1.wad  for being my first project, with all the learning involved. Also NEIS e1 for doing a decent job at caputuring the original e1 feel, e4m6 for its grand everything-but-the-kitchen-sink insanity and brutality, and e4m0 for being a tight, harrowing romp with varied gameplay.

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Trapped And Liberty, Watchtower and the rest were good but i feel like they could have been better with more time given, Worlds which is still in Beta will be the one that ill be most proud of when it releases


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Still a WIP but, XMASD2DX.Wad (Xmas DOOM 2 Director's Cut) which is a enhanced and polished version of Justin's Xmas DOOM II. I've worked on it for 4 year's. Another which is also a WIP is The NIGHTMARE! Palace which is a massive horror themed wad.


One that is done that I'm proud of is WintCity.Wad which is also Christmas themed which is my favorite wad theme

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