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Where do I download XWE?

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So, i'm trying to download XWE (eXtanded Wad Editor) for my maps, but i'm not too sue where to find it, Because I've been to the official homepage of XWE, but I cant download any of the mirrors, because they all take me to Verizon for some reason. The only one I am able to download, is mirror#2, that still doesn't even run correctly when I open it. On top of that, I've seen countless videos of people using XWE as well. So I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get the program. thanks

XWE - eXtendable Wad Editor - Google Chrome 11_29_2017 6_54_01 PM.png

XWE - eXtendable Wad Editor - Google Chrome 11_29_2017 6_54_19 PM.png

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Why don't you use Slade? It would do the same stuff as xwe and it's frequently updated. 

Anyway you need apply compatibility settings and run as admin that on xwe program.

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I used to use XWE years ago before I found Slade. I've still used it like three times in the last couple of years to look at/rip an entry in a wad that Slade identified as 'unknown', but was actually a non-standard format sound file (which played in-game just fine). The problem with XWE is that it's hard-coded to use "C:\Windows\Temp" directory to write its working files. As of Windows 10, that directory was re-defined as a System-only protected directory. Installed programs can't write to it anymore. You have to change the Temporary Folder in View-Options every time you open XWE because it doesn't save that location in the xwe.ini file. If you forget and make changes to a wad, XWE crashes. Also, XWE doesn't give warnings when you save/overwrite. All in all, not worth the effort to use anymore.

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The only use for XWE these days I can think of is perhaps ripping stuff from non-Doom games that other editors don't support. And even then, I don't know how true that is.


It's buggy, unstable, has many bad behaviors, won't even work on modern Windows without compat options enabled. I mean, if you like pain, go ahead and use XWE, but there's a reason people are suggesting SLADE over it.

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