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changing color gibs/blood

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I'm trying to change blood splats and found some code i can't understand:


ACTOR BlueGibs2: Gibs2
    decal bluebloodsmear
    translation "32:47=240:243", "176:191=199:207"


Can someone explain what are this numbers? because i think it define the color (blue), and i want set another color and don't know what to write

The file i'm trying to change it's located in smoothdoom.pk3 inside DECO folder and it's called Gore.txt. This file has a lot of this definitions.


Thanks in advance!

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The numbers define ranges of palette indexes. See the picture of Doom's palette on the wiki page, or open Doom2.wad in SLADE3 and see the PLAYPAL lump, to find out which colors correspond to which indexes.

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