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Can some one Help Me with a pk3?

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Im a huge doom fan always have been

Well since a while ago my pc (i7) totally fried Its dead ive had it looked at too Its gone..

And i currently dont have the cash to replace it so for the time being ive been playing doom on a Raspberry Pi 3 it runs great...

It has Zdoom,prboom/plus, Chocolate,etc...


My question is ive got brutal doom running it and for the most part it runs good it shows 40-60fps Its playable but when theres gun smoke then it rly drops down and you notice it lag..

Ive reduced the barrel explosions/blood as well since i got a mod for that..

Now it runs pretty good the only thing i really want done and it makes this game 100% lag free if i can remove the damn gun smoke details from me and enemies,

Ive looked around the pk3 files with Winrar to see if i can find anything gun smoke related and delete it but i cant find it..


Now my question is can anyone open up the new brutal doom v21 beta and edit it for me to get rid of that gun smoke for me and the enemies and send it to me?

Id very well appreciate that if any one would do that to help a fellow doomer :P

So i can get my brutal doom fix still..




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5 hours ago, IncognitoMode said:

If you want to edit the PK3, I suggest using http://slade.mancubus.net/


I used this to get Brutal Doom V20 to run on GZDoom

I know since i dont have a pc it fried im using Raspberry pi 3 to play doom wads/mods and use my phone to edit pk3 but i cant find and i dont know which files to delete to get rid of gun smoke effects from me and enemies that is the only thing that makes me lag i believe once the smoke is gone itll run rly well

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