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Adding new values to arrays, how?


Is it possible to add values to arrays through a script? Like how you use name ArrayName.add(value) on java, or ArrayName.append[] on Python?

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Value assignment is done by "arrayName[x] = y;", where "x" must be a non-negative number strictly lesser than the array's size. Size of an array is fixed to the value you declare the array with, and can't be changed at runtime.

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As long as you declare your array a certain size, those values are initialized at start. You can add values in-game with a script as usual, up to the declared size. But you cannot resize your array.


Be careful: if you have more than one script updating/reading the same array, you will run the real risk of experiencing race conditions. You cannot control which script will run first within a given tic.  If the values in your array are meant to convey information about a Thing, you're much better off storing those values in that Thing's COUNTx properties instead.

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