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Map-by-map reviews of IWADs

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Is there anyplace I can find detailed map-by-map reviews of the retail Doom games (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom)? I love thinking about these classic maps and want to hear others analysis of them. Most sites seem focused on reviewing user made maps.

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3 minutes ago, Magnusblitz said:

The DW Megawad Club did a playthrough of The Ultimate Doom, none of the other ones yet though.


You are probably not the only one who'd like to pretend the TNT playthrough never happened.

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haha you reminded me of my complex + lca playthrough i did because you wanted to see a complex doom playthrough in that thread.. i only played through map20 before losing interest.. should prolly do something with those videos.


tnt did kind of lend its self pretty well to complex + lca tbh because it is so easy.

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