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Venom feedz

my first map

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So... had a quick look, its a map in slot 02, made for gzdoom as there are wall textures used as flats. Its a collection of kinda square-ish rooms... There is a six key door and there arent 6 keys on the map, theres no exit to the map, sector 13 isnt closed, which has made a void wall on linedef 83. The door to the room with pinkies that houses the red key isnt fully closed. The cyberdemon is stuck in the wall, and there are some unknown things in the room with the cyberdemon. Not sure what else to say tbh.

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I agree with @bemused on the things he already pointed out. I personally would like to point out that I personally find techbase door style doortraks in hell themed maps to be kind of tacky which is why I try to avoid using them in lieu of some other more appropriate but still metalish texture/part of a texture. Speaking of, the small computer room where you get the red key is honestly kind of out of place on this map since it is primarily a marble hell fortress theme. And all the rooms are pretty small and boxy and orthogonal. And there is an area in the eastern most room which after doing some noclipping looks like it has a wall that is supposed to lower but doesn't, but there's nothing back there so it's pretty useless anyway...


On the plus side the enemy placement is ok I guess, and theres enough ammo to deal with everything, and it's nice and short so it doesn't try to overstay its welcome which is also a plus.


So overall, yeah not the greatest, but also not the worst either, there are definitely worse out there. My first publicly released map was a speedmap I made for one of the Eagle speedmapping sessions a couple of months ago in 2 hours back when I had less mapping experience so it wasn't much better honestly :D Though I guess comparing a speedmap made for a community project and a normal map made on its own is like comparing apples to oranges, but still...

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