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Texutre sites other than realm667 and afterglow.

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if you're just looking for general texture packs, you should probably just google "doom texture pack" or something like that and start flipping through the pages, you'll find a plethora of links to individual texture packs on random forum threads and sites and whatnot


but if you're looking for really specific textures, you could try google images to find a texture from another game and/or put the texture together yourself (it's not that hard, i promise) c:


other than that i dont really know any other actual general doom texture sites, sorry :c

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you could use photoshop if you knew how to use it (i heckin dont)

i just use paint.net, it's free and fairly simple, like an upgraded version of ms paint


it also depends on how you intend on creating your textures

if you want to create textures from scratch you're gonna have to ask an artist because i cannot draw for the life of me

really the jist of creating your own textures is just finding and editing the right elements together to create your little texture (and sometimes having to actually draw when your texture just isnt the way you want it, but that's usually easy when you've scaled the image down to doom-size [~32-128 pixels])


i have to ask though friend: what exactly are you trying to make? are you looking for any textures in particular?

sorry if i'm being confusing

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@bonnie I need a locker texture because I'm currently trying to make a city WAD and a UAC base at the same time but I can't find any textures or make any that'll work because I'm very new to doom builder.


EDIT:I'm also looking for school textures because I'm making business type things on my city WAD like walmart for an example and I need car sprites plus civilians but like I said I can't find ANYTHING on realm667 or on google.

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a locker? like this kind of locker?




also: you're very new to doom builder? do you like, know how to import textures and stuff? cuz that's kinda important and stuff


anyways, you can take that locker picture, crop it nicely to the edges (because the cropping is kinda bad as is), and resize. An important thing to note about doom is that some ports will get very upset if the sides of your texture aren't powers of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256...) and will glitch out the texture somewhat 

edit: note that this does not apply to transparent middle-textures as far as i am aware


if you dont want to make the sides a power of 2 for whatever reason (like 64 is too small but 128 is too big) you can resize the canvas (in paint.net at least). this will simply make the area around the image bigger without affecting the actual image, so just make the canvas the appropriate length/width and then import the texture. you'll have to make sure you align the texture properly in the editor when using it in that case though

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@bonnie what I don't get is how to import them or anything and it's starting to really piss me off because of It and I've tried to replace textures but still no luck like always and I have no clue how to do textures,sprites or anything really.


EDIT:I'm not trying to sound lazy but do you know of ANY WAD that would have the textures or atleast some that I need? I know cannibalwolf has made WADS with the stuff I need in it but I can't find any files for his WADS.

Edited by SayWhatOneMoreTime

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i'm trying to make a really good tutorial for you give me a little while

i'll even make the locker texture and give it to you when it's ready (i'm gonna do 32x96, is that ok?)

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I'm sorry this took so many years, I'm just dazed and confused and also I restarted this like 5 times and also also it was gonna be way bigger and tell you how to import just about everything AND how I actually did the locker textures but then I gave up on that pipe dream



First off, let's take a look at our example map!



Here we have a small bathroom-shower-place-esque setting in boom-format, and we want to put some lockers on the sides where the black is!


1. SLADE 3 -- First thing's first: you'll need SLADE 3. This is what you'll be using for the majority of your advanced-editing (but not map-editing as SLADE's map editor is quite poor)

  • If you haven't got it already, download it here: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads (i'd go for the beta)
  • Set it up and whatnot (if there's anything to set up, i dont remember)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll be using SLADE hand-in-hand with doombuilder, but there's one major caveat: if you have both open at the same time, you have to remember to always save and close your map AFTER saving and closing up SLADE. SLADE doesn't refresh itself while using it, so when you save, you'll be saving the version of your map that you had when you opened originally opened the wad in SLADE. This means that if you do a bunch of work on the map with SLADE open, save your map, close doombuilder, and THEN save your wad and close SLADE, you'll lose all your progress. Just a warning.


2. SET BASE RESOURCE ARCHIVE -- Once you're ready with SLADE: go to the top and click "Edit -> Set Base Resource Archive"

  • Don't worry about why you're doing this. Just know that it is extremely important.
  • Click add archive and browse for the appropriate file (most likely doom2.wad)
  • Set your doom2.wad file as the base (unless you're mapping for doom 1 or something, in that case, obviously just use doom.wad)


3. DON'T REPLACE TEXTURES -- Something important you must understand: Doom's texture system was designed with modding in mind.

  • You absolutely do not need to replace any textures, for you can add as many as your heart desires.
  • If you've already replaced textures, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. You can just delete the replaced textures and everything will work itself out.
  • There IS an exception to this rule: if you're mapping for vanilla, animated textures will have to be replaced. If you're mapping for boom or above this does not apply as you can add as many animated textures as you want :D


4. OPEN YOUR WAD FILE -- Get your map and open it up inside SLADE. You can also drag and drop onto SLADE's window.

  • It should look like this when you first open it:


  • Each individual item you see is called a "lump". The lumps together make up your wad file. Shown here is our map, maps being comprised of several lumps, held together by a marker. Do not tamper with the map lumps or their order. Keep everything from the marker to "BLOCKMAP" intact for each individual map.
    • Note: maps can be placed anywhere in your wad, and in any order, so long as each individual map and it's lumps are kept intact.


5. PP_START AND PP_END MARKERS -- As noted in 4, maps are denoted and held together by their markers. Most of the lumps in a wad are organized and, well, marked, by markers. It's how Doom makes sense of all of the lumps all over the place and puts them together ingame.

  • To start, go to the top and click "Archive -> New -> Entry"
  • Name the entry with the appropriate name to create a marker :D
    • Textures use the markers PP_START and PP_END
    • Flats use F_START and F_END
    • Sprites use S_START and S_END
      • The number of letters used in the prefix seems to not matter, so do whatever you want (i.e. FF_START, SS_START, P_START)
  • In this case, since we're just doing some textures for right now, we'll name our markers PP_START and PP_END.
  • They should look like this: 



6. INSERTING AND CONVERTING YOUR TEXTURE(S) -- Now we're gonna plop our locker texture on in, right between the markers, and convert it to  a doom format texture.

  • Just drag and drop the image in, and adjust it by pressing ctrl+u to move it up, and ctrl+d to move it down. Get it between our new markers.
    • Alternatively, you could do "Archive -> Import Files" instead of dragging and dropping, but you'll have no control over where the file gets placed, so you'll have to adjust it yourself. :c
  • There we go :D 


  • Hooray team!! Look at that beauty. Now we just have to convert it from a PNG to doom format! Thankfully, SLADE makes this extremely easy!
    • Just right click the file(s) in question (you can select multiple at a time) and go to "Graphic -> Convert to..."
      • SLADE can convert several kinds of images into both doom textures and flats (there is a difference!)
      • SLADE can also convert .wav files into doom audio format!!!
      • It can also convert .midi to .mus and vice versa, but that isn't really needed. c:
    • Uh oh. Looks like most of the color isn't compatible with doom's default palette and is going to be lost. Don't bother with the settings, it'll only make it worse. Just use mine. 



7. CREATING TEXTURE1 AND PATCH NAMES USING YOUR BASE RESOURCE ARCHIVE -- It's time to import our locker once and for all.

  • It's not enough to just place the textures within your markers (but it's still very important!).
  • We're going to create "TEXTURE1" and "PNAMES" lumps for them too, as these are what keep track of each individual texture, which is what doom then uses when dealing with the textures.
  • How we're going to do it is simple, but you have to pay attention:
    • Right click the file(s) in question and go to "Graphic -> Add to Patch Table" first.
    • Click yes on the prompt.
    • Tick "Import from Base Resource Archive:" and click OK.
    • You now have both of your lumps, but you're not done yet!
    • Finally, right click the file(s) again and do "Graphic -> Add to TEXTUREx"!
    • NOW you're done!
      • The order (patch table or texturex) doesn't actually matter, it's just that it won't tell you if you've already added the files to one before or not, and if you have, it will add them again, bloating the size of your wad.
  • I edited the locker texture to use as on the side of our lockers, and have added that texture as well. Since I now have the PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lumps, I don't need to import the Base Resource Archive again, and can just add the texture to the Patch Table and TEXTUREx.
  • Verify that your wad looks like this: 


  • If so, SAVE!!! Now we can close SLADE and go back to doom builder and try adding our new textures!


8. MUSIC, SPRITES, FLATS, AND OTHER THINGS -- Here are some extra tips on the other stuffs I didn't mention.

  • Flats:
    • They HAVE to be 64x64. Most ports will get quite upset if they aren't.
    • When converting an image into a flat, make sure you select flat at the top instead of just Doom gfx!
    • Flats DO NOT have to be added to the Patch Table and TEXTUREx, they just have to be within their markers!!
  • Music:
    • Uses no markers! Music files can be placed anywhere OUTSIDE of markers.
    • Should generally be in .mid, .midi, or .mus format. Some ports, such as pr/glboom+ and zdoom, can play mp3s, but you shouldn't add them as they take up quite a bit of space.
    • HAVE to use their ingame name (unless you're doing zdoom and mapinfo or something, but that's a bad habit so don't bother). Every single track in the game has a unique name, even maps that reuse previously used songs, like map15. You can find the names for the tracks here: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Doom_II_music, though they're kinda jumbled. Just know that map01 is D_RUNNIN, which you can see if you download the example wad.
  • Sprites:
    • DO NOT have to be added to the Patch Table and TEXTUREx, they also just have to be in their markers.
    • Sprites have offsets, which can be adjusted in the preview window in SLADE using the arrow keys or by manually adjusting the numbers at the bottom. Offsets are very important, as they determine how your sprite in relation to its hitbox actually appears.
    • Sprites meant to display on your hud (like weapons) have their own grid for adjusting the offsets, so be sure to change the view at the bottom next to the numbers where it says "auto". The different horizontal lines represent the different cutoff points for each screen size setting.
  • Other things:
    • Some stuff, like the status bar, don't count as sprites and don't need to be in any markers. If you're ever unsure, just check your copy of doom2.wad. There you'll be able to see how it's all laid out and stuffs.
  • Lumps:
    • They can be copy/pasted from wad to wad which is convenient for moving maps and textures en masse over, but don't try copy/pasting PNAMES or TEXTURE1!!!!
  • Texture packs:
    • Yes, this method can indeed be used to import entire texture packs. Do not transfer the PNAMES or TEXTURE1 lump. Import only the textures and then create your own Patch Table and TEXTUREx lumps as described above.


Anyways I went ahead into doombuilder and selected the black textures, right clicked them, searched for LOCKER and sure enough, there were our textures! After adding them and adjusting their alignments (as they have large empty areas above them to have them be 128 units tall)...


...this is our finished product! (note: I sunk the lockers into the ground a couple units because the black portions underneath came out as grey ingame, which looked odd)





The example map (includes intense locker-viewing music): https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpzl38pgi41ro4r/bonnie_wins.wad?dl=1

The locker image (so you can practice importing): https://i.imgur.com/zhqpvnV.png

Second locker image: https://i.imgur.com/EwaoPyF.png


This is bad and I feel bad. But this should give you the basic skills needed to do other things, such as custom music and sprites and whatnot.


If you really wanna know specific things like sprites and how I made the locker and animated textures/switches or if you have any problems and/or questions, just let me know and I'll tell you when I wake up ok goodbye

Edited by bonnie

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The first image doesn't exist on imgur anymore, it says, at least to mw. 


EDIT: All well now. Must've been some kind of thing on my side.

Edited by NaZa

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@bonnie Alright thank you.


EDIT: I think I have it now but I had to switch WAD conversions like I had it in hexen to doom format but then I had to convert it to doom in UDMF format for the texture to work.

Edited by SayWhatOneMoreTime

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27 minutes ago, SayWhatOneMoreTime said:

I think I have it now but I had to switch WAD conversions like I had it in hexen to doom format but then I had to convert it to doom in UDMF format for the texture to work.


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@bonnie Sorry for any confusion, the texture would NOT work in hexen format unless I was doing something wrong and it wouldn't load it right.

Also if I do sprites do I have to do what I basically did with the textures or do I have to make more pp_end and pp_start files for them?

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9 hours ago, bonnie said:

I'm sorry this took so many years, I'm just dazed and confused and also I restarted this like 5 times and also also it was gonna be way bigger and tell you how to import just about everything AND how I actually did the locker textures but then I gave up on that pipe dream

@bonnie you should post this as a thread in https://www.doomworld.com/forum/53-editing-tutorials/ so that people can find it down the road.

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4 hours ago, SayWhatOneMoreTime said:

@bonnie Alright thank you.


EDIT: I think I have it now but I had to switch WAD conversions like I had it in hexen to doom format but then I had to convert it to doom in UDMF format for the texture to work.

These things (textures and map formats) should be entirely unrelated. At most you may have map editors not allowing you to put a flat texture on a wall or a wall texture on a flat if you don't use a game configuration that enables texture mixing. But as far as working in the engine itself, either it does (regardless of map format) or it doesn't (regardless likewise). The map loading code and the texture loading code are fully separate.

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