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THE MIS-ADVENTURES OF DYNAMITE! Episode 2: Cybernetica Dreams

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                                                                                THE MIS-ADVENTURES OF DYNAMITE!


                                                                                    Episode 2: Cybernetica Dreams


After defeating the TNT Virus, Dynamite and two of her friends are whisked away to a new area. But... something doesn't feel right...




SCREENSHOTS: (All taken in-game)









                                                                                                          IMPORTANT POINTS:

Question 1 - What port did you use to run this mod through?

Answer 1 - I ran this port through GZDooM g3.0.1 If you have a port of DooM that can successfully run this mod then you are free to use it :)


Question 2 - Since you are using GZDooM, is there any extra features I need to know about?

Answer 2 - I built the maps around the ability to free-look, Jump and Crouch. These three are very much necessary to complete this wad


Question 3 - What IWad did you use to run this game through?

Answer 3 - Good ol' DooM 2!


Question 4 - Before I begin, what level/map do I need to load first?

Answer 4 - The game should send you to MAP01 by default but if not, look at Map01 as that is the very first stage.


Question 5 - How long is this Wad-File?

Answer 5 - There are 18 maps but most are short


Question 6 - Why do I see red diamonds with an "!" inside of them?

Answer 6 - That is GZDooM (or whatever port you are using) telling you that you need to utilise the additional PK3 file that comes in this wad. If however using both Modellica.pk3 AND TMoD2CNDS.wad and the error persists, please let me know!


Lastly I want to give a H U G E Thank you to a guy called "AgentMe" for allowing me to use the code that allows Dynamite to double-Jump. If there is any major info I have missed, please leave a comment. Thanks :)











Heich Productions 2016 - 2017

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