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Looking for some WADs to enhance vanilla doom gameplay

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39 minutes ago, Myst.Haruko said:

Here, full list of wads to choose



Thanks, but this is kind of hard to go through. Besides, a lot of the WADs look to be map replacements, when I'm looking for things that simply enhance the vanilla gameplay (basically, cosmetic stuff).

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13 hours ago, Voltcom9 said:


"D.U.C.K." mod (changes everything from sprites, graphics and sounds but doesn't change gameplay whatsoever)



Speaking of D.U.C.K., just a few days ago I found that mod and started a conversion of sorts, getting rid of the freedoom-looking items, strange custom palette, and all of the monster sounds (because most of them were unsatisfying or unfitting, so it would be weird to only include one or two of them), as well as editing a lot of the weapon animations and offsets to make them more appealing.


The main purpose of my edit though was to take a mod that really had no reason whatsoever to be zdoom-only and make it... well, right now the weapons work in boom while the monsters work with -merge in chocolate doom.


The monster part is on doom-shack because it's about as complete as it's going to be, and I wanted people to be able to automatically download it when joining my zandronum server.


Weapons/Most Sounds (and some powerups, no bfg sound):





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Here's a  a few more interesting mods which minimally affect gameplay. All of them are from ZDoom forums.


DarkDoomZ (changes global darkness settings for maps)



Light your surrounds (gives Doomguy a lighter which can be used to light up dark areas :P )



Episodic Doom (Doom2 and Final Doom, breaks the maps up into episodes similar to Ultimate Doom)



Custom Doom (allows you to change characteristics of the player)


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