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Transparent textures?

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If importing paletted you can use CYAN as your "transparent" colour- however Slade also allows you to choose a colour- it also depends on your file time- true colour PNG for example will need to be set as such in your program of choice.

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Really posting in the editing section will be your best bet- its 4.18am here but I'm sure there are others willing to explain- or you can have a look to see if others have asked the same thing

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What do ya mean transparent? If you make a texture transparent in whatever image editor you're using (like paint.net!!!), it'll be transparent in-game (so long as you use it as a midtexture). If you mean transparent like it's a full texture but you can see through all of it, there are boom-actions for that in doombuilder.


Also, what do you want to know about sprites friend? They're really the same as textures, just using S_START and S_END markers instead of P_START and P_END.


You can just plop your puppies right inbetween those markers, convert them, and then adjust their offsets in the preview on the right in SLADE. For general sprites (like items and monsters), you should use this view (selectable on the bottom): 



The vertical line shows you the center of the sprite's hitbox, and the horizontal line shows you the ground. There are some exceptions to this, like with rockets, which spawn a set height above the ground, so you shouldn't put their sprites way up high off the ground.


For HUD sprites (like weapons), you should use this view:



The vertical line being the center again, but the different horizontal lines being the different cutoff points for screen sizes.


EDIT: OH HECK SUPER IMPORTANT: you have to replace sprites!!!! you can't just add more like with textures and flats!!! you have to actually replace them, so check your doom2.wad for the name of the sprite you're replacing!!!

Edited by bonnie

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@bonnie AHHH one of my favorite people on here or what ever. And with the sprite I don't know how to replace the image for them.


EDIT:Also paint.net won't let me use it anymore for some reason? unless my internet service blocked the site somehow.


EDIT:I guess I can only do textures and nothing else than that.

Edited by SayWhatOneMoreTime

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1 hour ago, SayWhatOneMoreTime said:

I forgot to mention that anytime I try to save the sprite it just says iwad saving disabled.

are you... trying to edit a heckin iwad friend


iwad = essentially the game itself. the engine is what it uses to put it all into action, but the iwad is all the assets of the game, like sprites, textures, graphics, sounds, music, maps, etc.

iwads include: doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, heretic.wad, hexen.wad, etc.


pwad = what you run in conjunction with the iwad. the point of a pwad is to replace/overwrite the assets in the iwad (except for textures, which can be added in and dont have to be replaced!!).

pwads include: every wad that isn't an iwad, like scythe.wad, hr.wad, av.wad, etc.


like if you were trying to play Scythe, you wouldn't just run scythe with prboom+/zdoom/whatever, you would run Scythe WITH doom2.wad, so that scythe.wad can replace doom2.wad's maps and use the remaining assets


there is indeed a way to edit iwads in SLADE, but because of the fact that you are even more inexperienced than I thought, I wouldn't dare tell ya how, since you should never edit an iwad (outside of extremely specific situations that dont affect you). sorry friend, it's for your safety ;~;

just don't edit your iwads, okay?


edit: P.S. i dunno what you meant about paint.net, you can download it here though: https://www.getpaint.net/download.html

P.P.S. to replace a sprite, you have to use the exact same name that it uses in the iwad (such as doom2.wad). if you really cant find it, tell me what sprite(s) you're replacing and i'll tell ya the names.

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@bonnie Yeah I honestly have no idea what I'm doing actually, I'm trying to make a sprite and it just won't work and when I try to make a door it's not transparent like this (this isn't my photo it's someone else's. But anyway I'm trying to make a custom sprite and door but I can't figure it out because I'm stupid.


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i actually personally don't know how to do those since i've never tried them, but a quick search got me this video: 





more searching found that an easier way would be by using the fake floor/ceiling action in BOOM and above (action #242).



  1. Make a door as you normally would, but leave it untextured.
  2. Make a small -- "dummy sector", we'll call it -- outside of the map, and give one of its sides the linedef action 242.
  3. Make your dummy sector have the same floor and ceiling heights as what the room around your door has*
  4. Now place your mid-texture of choice in the center of the door. literally just draw a line in the center of the door (but make sure it doesn't actually touch the sides of the door!), and then move your midtexture to be up inside of your untextured door (this may take some trial and error as you wont be able to see it once it's inside in the editor)
  5. And that's it :D

* What line-action 242 does is it takes the sector you use the action on and it takes the appearance of that sector, including the floor/ceiling textures and heights, and transfers it to a tagged sector, while the tagged sector keeps its original collision and whatnot.


If you need help or pictures, I ca-

3 minutes ago, SayWhatOneMoreTime said:

@bonnie I'm a complete idiot I know why it wasn't working now, I didn't chose the right transparency colour I had it set to cyan and it needed white. 

w h a t

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@bonnie I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT K? the transparent colour thing was cyan on SLADE but I had to set it to white because it wouldn't work .


EDIT:Maybe it would be easier if I messaged you about any questions or problems? I don't know.

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message me and send me pictures as well because i have no heckin idea what the buttons you are talkin about friend

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