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Movie Tropes that annoy you

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Inspired by the thread "map design tropes that annoy you" I wanted to share movie tropes that I'm annoyed by or sick of.


Here are a few of mine;

1. Jump Scares in horror movies. I feel they are cheap and don't offer the fear factor I'm after. It's like taking a near swing at someone's face and saying "haha I scared you". Very obnoxious.


2. Last second saves. Would have been brilliant the first few times a movie has done this but now as I watch so many movies / shows when an important character is near death, their plot armour kicks in and someone or something jumps in to save the day. I lost count how many times I've seen this.


3. Frequent panning, extreme shaky cam, very dark scenes or anything that prevents a action scene from reaching its true potential. I believe it's a way to emulate intense action on a budget or within limited capabilities. When done right, these can be used to improve the movie but if not, the whole scene is reduced to filler I'm waiting to end.


So, what movie tropes annoy you? Or share the ones you love.

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Pointless scenes that don't develop the plot and aren't interesting in any way. It needs to at the very least do one of those things, preferably both of course, but the 'guaranteed shitty movie' formula is to have plenty of scenes that add basically nothing of value.


Unfortunately, in modern flicks at least, these scenes frequently feature great cinematography and CGI which is enough to distract many people from the unfortunate fact that nothing is being added to the plot, thus making the scenes only value it's visual appearance. For some that's enough but to me it's boring, especially if it's CGI because even at it's best it still just stands out so badly and doesn't mesh properly with actual recorded footage of people and places. In older films before the heavy CGI era, these scenes were still boring due to the lack of plot progression. Replace 'boring CGI' with either 'boring scenery' or 'boring dialogue' and it's the same deal.


It can be used very effectively in small doses or for certain effects, but when whole characters or objects are pure CGI, you can spot it from miles away even in the highest budget films.[/annoying film critic mode]

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Literal dream sequences. It's when the character is afraid of something and they see a dream about that very thing happening. If they are afraid of losing a son, they see themselves losing a son. If they are afraid of getting dumped, they see exactly that too. I don't know, maybe that's how dreams actually work for some people, but mine are always a lot more abstract and just barely connected to my feelings. So I want dream scenes to be a lot more fucked up than they usually are.

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Damn near every movie I see annoys the shit out of me. I vastly dislike most tv and movies, especially ones that are meant for the general populus.

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1) I will heavily agree on jumpscares. I want the air around me to fill with fear, because something in the movie seems threatening. Not because the retarded bad guy will start jumping to my face every 30 seconds.

I swear, in many horror films today, I hold my breath until a peaceful scene, because I sometimes want to take a long breath and fill my lungs with air and in between that, the jumpscare pops up and it feels like a punch to the stomach and the heart (not cool).


2) The hero has an aura of invincibility around him. I love this and I hate it. When watching a movie, I appreciate good fight scenes and happy endings, but not ridiculous ones.

Watch movies with Stallone (Cobra, Rambo, e.t.c., to get an idea). I love watching those action movies, but I don't take them too seriously. They are mostly brainless killing and action, just for fun (now that I think about it, ADD SOME MOAR ACTIION!!!).


3) Oh, we finally killed Jason or Freddy or Myers in the end of the movie and he is totally dead!!! Let's party and return to our normal lives!!!

A few years later:

Evil mascot of the franchise: I have returned from the dead, because I am made of true evil and I never die!!!


This is mostly in slashers, which is my 2nd favourite movie genre and it gets kinda annoying after the 5th movie (and they usually make 10 movies damn it, with the quality falling till it becomes one with the rocky ground).

I seriously don't like seeing my favourite movies getting butchered, so that Hollywood can have money (just no!).

And it is even more bullshit, when they don't kill the battle-scarred protagonist of the previous film, just so that he can hunt down the murderer again, like any sane person would do, AM I RIGHT???

Seriously, if you want a smooth transition in a horror movie, from one ending to the other beginning, watch Halloween 1 and 2 (where the 1st stops, the 2nd starts and nothing is explained about Myers, so no stupid ideas there).

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