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New Map: Dalida Satanica Mortis

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Hell-o :)

So I have finished my recent map which became ten times more complicated than initially planned... I appreciate any feedback from you ladies & gentlemen :)


Anyway, here's The Story:

You're a brave soldier from the "digging and excavation" squadron. You have guns but you also have spade to dig tunnels. One day orders came for you to dig the tunnel to the techbase located on far-away planet named DU-272-PA. It is suspected that this base has been taken over by Great Arachnito - evil spider from outer space - and that he is hiding some powerful device behind the Red Skull gate. Your task is to locate this Red Skull and find out what Arachnito is hiding...


Here are some facts:

It's a Single-Player only map without support for difficulty levels. I consider the map diffucult, but please bear in mind that I am rather poor player. There is (I presume) plenty of ammo and health so just shoot and enjoy :) My test runs took about an hour to complete. Please use GZDoom with OpenGL renderer for 3D floors, reflections, slopes, polyobjects, etc. I didn't test it in other source ports.


This is my first attempt to depart from the usual corridors-and-rooms style. It's a moderately detailed techbase level (a little bit infested, of course) with plenty of monsters, gear and scripted traps. Just run around, shoot and enjoy :)


There are 11 secrets. They are not crucial for finishing the level and are quite trivial to find. Most of them are just in the plain sight.


Achtung! Map contains Adolf. :)


Highest ceiling: 2256

Lowest floor: -4176


More details, credits, etc. are available in the .txt file inside .zip.


As soon as I'll manage to go through the map without dying I'll upload video :)

Here's The File:



And finally some screenshots (artifically brightened):































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Ok, the eye texture with the light that follows you even in no-clipping mode is cool as hell. I need to learn to map in ZDoom format...

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Hey Guys,

Look below... This level can be finished in about an hour.



Thanks for spotting this one out - I always try to build something that I have never seen before in a Doom custom map (ACS helps a lot!). That's quite tricky given the millions of maps out there in the wild...



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I recorded my playthrough yesterday, it took quite a few attempts. Not a FDA but I hadn't seen other players/videos previously.


Great map, enjoyed every aspect of it: interesting layout to explore, nice detail, fun and fair gameplay. The final encounter was cool but (spoilers) unless I missed something it was just running in circles as fast as possible for a while and picking up the invulnerabilities at the right moments. If I had to suggest something to make it more interesting I'd add interactivity with the player: the eye could be shut and the player needs to activate something to open the eye temporarily. Then balance the monsters spawning accordingly to not make it too hard.



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Thanks guineu,

It's been pleasant to watch. I see that you missed some secrets, but was able to finish the level. You even skipped the BFG totally :)

So it seems that I didn't screw the balancing ;)


What I think worked good was the nearly constant threat from far-away cybbies and spiders. But there are also some boooring moments I must admit. And I also found two or three minor texturing bugs when watching your video.


Regarding the final battle - you did it right - it's mostly abour running around and listening to the beautiful sound of dying enemies. All of them are "damaged" by the script just after being spawned, that's why most of them start shooting immediately. That makes the wave of chaingunners and archies especially critical and that's why the green balls are there :)


Thanks for your suggestion, though, and the overall positive feedback.

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Hello again!

I just want to tell that I would really appreciate some more feedback since I plan to do some vanilla mapping during the christmas holidays. Any advice is appreciated.


Don't be shy, throw some criticism at me :)

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OK, it seems like the map is either perfectly good or extremely boring ;-)


In any case thank you very much for the feedback received so far and brace yourselves for some more! ;)

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got a question uh... what texture did you use for the lines that appear covered in nukage?


edit: nevermind you listed the texture wads in the credits, my bad WOOOPS.

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Wow, this map looks absolutely stunning. I will probably use it as a reference while creating my own maps, you should be proud of yourself sir :D

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On 12.01.2018 at 1:30 PM, Lorenz0 said:

Wow, this map looks absolutely stunning.



BTW: Look what I've found. Nice video of the level 100% finished in ~half an hour. Great skills!



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This map is an epic clusterf*ck of DOOM goodness. A complete menagerie of themes and action. I played my way through it and I'm glad I did. The gameplay could be tightened up - there ammo balance is all over the place and in more than one occasion i was murdering hordes from a convenient corner or high ground which rendered me invincible. But there's also lots of neat ideas and in the end the map left me with a feeling of satisfaction. The final room with the spinning eye of death was very cool and must have taken a lot of work - though its execution too could be better. Running in a circle over and over while all the monsters gibbed got repetitive and I started wondering if I missed something. A very fun time over. Recommended.

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