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great map names ;D


I like this. It's loose and clumsy but strung together in an endearing way, prone to lots of bumbling attempts where you flail around and continually make things worse until you get an idea of the layout. I'm not sure I'd have the same feelings if I went through the areas piecemeal (which seems to be an option should you opt for the (vastly superior, as to be almost mandatory??) plasma gun route), but I rather enjoyed partially mowing my way through a room, running past the rest, and returning to the grouped-up hordes when better equipped.

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I'm a little worried by the similarity of your last few maps. Shiny silver surfaces, COMPSTA, blue and white everywhere, red lamps. I hope you have more ideas in store.

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fda noisy_nasty.zip


I died as well


I can never tell if i'm 1) the map is just hard; 2) i just suck; or 3) I'm just having a bad day.  anyways heres demos


ribbiks basically nailed it with his explanation of your style.

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On 12/17/2017 at 3:09 AM, MrD!zone said:


dont be afraid man u kno i meant well ;)

What do you mean "this could get nasty"?


well its can be very dangerous because hafve ma lot of hard monster revnant arch vile but maybe wont be if avoid damage very well like




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