mouse controlled reloading for gzdoom

this is an idea I had for a bit.

The mod uses looking up and down to:

-Pump the shotgun

-Reload the Super shotgun

-"Cool down" the plasma rifle


this might work in zandronum but only works consistently in gzdoom




if the link doesn't work, let me know

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The link works , the mod doesn't.

Ok, it doesn't work in 1.9 or older, it works in 2.3 or newer only, also the code only checks the pitch based in the centered camera , so if you are aiming up or down doesn't won't work properly unless you center the camera again.

You should use some scripts to GetPlayerPitch for the inicial Pitch and then another GetPlayerPitch to compare them and determine the movement of the camera , this should work without needing to be centered constantly .



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Updated with more info

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