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Oregonian Wad makers?


So, my question is, are there any wad/pk3/pk7 makers in Oregon? I ask because I go to a Gaston HS in Oregon, and I think that our club for wad design, and other aspects of DooM modding, would benefit from an experienced wad maker helping out for a couple meetings. I know that this isn't all that reasonable, but at the same time, our goal is to create a megawad, ultimately, and we believe that having an experienced wadder would greatly help us achieve that goal, especially in areas such as level design and unique concepts, as well as DECORATE and other coding for DooM. So, is there anyone in this fine community that would be able to appear at our club? We meet on Thursdays, at the school, and we rarely cancel. We have some great ambitions, and would appreciate anyone's appearance really. Please and Thank You.

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