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What Doom books are worth getting?

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I'm looking for any Doom books worth getting excluding fiction. I'm not interested in books about Doom 3 and onwards, only books about the original Doom games.


Are any of these editing books any good? I realise some of the editing methods and tools will be out of date but I think the theory of how to create good levels will still be useful info as I haven't seen much info online about how to create good maps.


  • 3D Game Alchemy for Doom, Doom II, Heretic, and Hexen
  • The Doom Construction Kit: Mastering and Modifying Doom. Only the CD that came with the book is on Archive.org. The actual book PDF isn't on the CD.
  • The Doom Game Editor. The CD on Archive.org doesn't have the book on it.
  • The Doom Hacker's Guide. The CD on Archive.org doesn't have the book on it.
  • Tricks of the Doom Gurus


Apparently 3D Game Alchemy is considered the second edition of "Tricks of the Doom Gurus" and a copy is included with the Level Master II compilation. So there's no point in getting Tricks of the Doom Gurus. However I downloaded the Instant Doom Levels - Level Master II CD from Archive.org and the ebook on the CD says it's "Tricks of the Doom Gurus First Edition" NOT 3D Game Alchemy and it's 896 pages long. I thought it was supposed to be the 2nd edition? Also none of the page numbers it mentioned in the contents of the PDF are accurate. 


I downloaded the "3D Game Alchemy" CD from Archive.org but the ebook on the CD is only 56 pages long. The physical book is 750 pages long.




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AFAIK there is barely any theory in these, it's mostly just "how to make a door". Don't expect anything particularly enlightening.

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Hank Leukart's Hacker's Guide to Doom was quite excellent for its time, IMO, as far as editing books go.

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