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spcial effects on blood (fuzz, fullbright?)


Hellow! Im trying to apply some effects in the blood of some monsters (vile and spectre) to do this i'm editting smoothdoom files (the mod i use)

For example, this 3 for Vile:

Decaldef: duplicate the blue decals and changing "blue" to "vile". In every decal i added the lines "fullbright" and "add 0.5", 

Gore: inside are the actor definitions, i duplicate the blue ones and edit it in the same way as decaldef, also i define the new color and add the flag +BRIGHT.

Vile actor file: i added the bloodtype  vileblood and define the bloodcolor color and also set vilegorecontroller


All the colors of the splats and gibs are ok (due to the Actors.txt bloodcolor, but i cant see any bright effect or nothing defined in the bloodtype).

So, after some proves, im thinking the bloodtype it's not working, but i can't see why not....


Here my modificate smoothdoom:

https://www.mediafire.com/file/w85ltv8bk02rddd/7 - SmoothDoom v6.pk3


Some idea? Something i missing?



Edited by WARDUST : more info

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